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Tuesday, August 20, 2013 - 13:51
Volunteers are the lifeblood of FRC. The program simply would not exist without them. And as our program continues to grow, the need for top-notch, experienced, dedicated volunteers grows with it.

Many of you are probably aware that we have several ‘Chief’ volunteer positions in FRC. Chief volunteers have significant responsibility in their area of assignment. In many situations, we rely on them so heavily that they are essentially extensions of the FRC staff. Our current Chief volunteers are:

Chief Inspector: Al Skierkiewicz
Chief Judge Advisors: Allen Bancroft and Cindy Stong
Chief Referee: Aidan Browne
Today, I’m very happy to announce we’re adding a new Chief volunteer position, Chief Volunteer Coordinator, Jessica Boucher! Jessica will be advising FIRST on policy regarding Volunteer Coordinators, supporting training, and helping our Volunteer Resources Department to manage volunteers at the FIRST Championship, along with many other duties.

Jessica was a founding member of FRC Team 237, Black Magic, from Connecticut, in 1999 and has been volunteering for FIRST since 2000. She currently works as a Product Manager at the software company Jobscience, and credits her FIRST experience with her ability “to ‘speak Engineer’ and not be afraid to jump into unchartered waters”. She has been Volunteer Coordinator for the Einstein field at FIRST Championship a record three times!* As well as volunteering for FRC, she has also volunteered for FTC and FLL over the years. It’s very safe to say that Jessica is a FIRSTer.

Congratulations on your new position, Jessica!

I’ll blog again soon.


*Folks may not be aware that at the FIRST Championship, one of the FRC Divisional crews is specially selected to be the Einstein crew, based on their performance during the Divisional rounds. The top managers and volunteers from FRC get together on Saturday morning in the middle of the dome to discuss the selection. Being picked is a big deal, for the Volunteer Coordinator for that particular Division and all the other volunteers on the team.

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Congratulations Jessica!

Congratulations Jess! Very well deserved and I couldn’t think of a better person for the job.

YAY JESS! The job is in good hands!

That’s awesome! Congratulations! This is a very smart Chief position to have, thank you to Jess for taking it on.

Excellent choice!

YAY! Congrats Jess! Very very very well-deserved :slight_smile:

Super excited about this! Jess is a great person and knows how to get stuff done! Congrats!