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New Co-Chief Field Supervisor

2020 JUN 01 | Written by Frank Merrick.

Ayla Delaat Co-Chief Field Supervisor FIRST Robotics Competition

We are pleased to announce we have selected a new Co-Chief Field Supervisor for FIRST Robotics Competition. Our Chief Volunteers help lead some of our Key Volunteer Trainings and provide expertise and opinions to us at HQ. This individual will work with our other co-Chief Field Supervisor (Scott Goering) to train Field Supervisors and FIRST Technical Advisor Assistants as well as provide valuable insight. Please help us welcome our new Co-Chief Field Supervisor – Ayla DeLaat!

Ayla is a manufacturing engineer for a laser company in Everett, Washington where she develops manufacturing processes and new technologies for the company. Ayla has been involved with FIRST since 2007 when she participated on Team 1258 Seabot. She began volunteering in 2012 as part of the event planning committee to help make the FRC Spokane Regional happen and served as a Judge that year. She continues to judge every year. She began volunteering as a Field Supervisor in 2017 and has filled the role many times each season including at FIRST Championship since 2017! In addition to volunteering for FIRST Robotics Competition, she has also served as a Judge and Judge Advisor for both FIRST LEGO League and FIRST Tech Challenge. She has mentored Team 5588 Reign Robotics, the only all-female FRC team in Washington, since 2016.

Please help us give a warm welcome to Ayla; we are excited for her to bring her experiences to the Chief Volunteer Group!


Welcome, Ayla!

Hey I know that person! Congrats Ayla, nice to see a great volunteer moving up the ranks.


Quickly looks where Glow Forge is based

(They’re located in Seattle)

Congrats Ayla! I would like to see more lasers incorporated in the games now :upside_down_face:



and Welcome Ayla!

So cool! Great to see the PNW representation, and from an awesome team like Seabot!

We are happy to have Ayla on board and I look forward to working together!


Congrats (again).

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