FRC Blog - New Motor Controllers – 2015 Legality

As mentioned in this blog, we said we’d notify the community before Kickoff if the Victor SP and Talon SRX motor controllers from VEX Robotics and Cross the Road Electronics will be legal for 2015. After review by the 2015 Control System Development Team and the 2015 Beta Teams, we’ve determined that these controllers will be legal for 2015.

New Talons and Victors are legal!

I sure hope so, they already stopped making the old ones :stuck_out_tongue:
I wonder if the timing had anything to do with the VexPro product launch in a few hours…



When will they become available for purchase?

Quantum Field Theory? :confused:

Quoted For Truth

I kid …

This is the real question

Did FIRST really have any other option?

Than using potentially unsafe or unreliable product(s)? Oh, yes they did.

FIRST had teams extensively beta testing the controllers, and specifically asked those beta teams of the controllers were ready for use during the season. We had the option of saying one was ready and the other wasn’t, if needed. While it was highly unlikely that both would be illegal, based on timing with the different controllers I completely could have seen FIRST go with just one for the season. At no point in all the beta testing we participated in did i see anything that would make me think FIRST wasn’t looking out for the best interests of all the teams with this decision.

Frankly, beta testing the controllers was a little boring… We didn’t have any issues with them!

AndyMark says they will be available “late December”, which is what it says about all new CS stuff except the PD panel which says “Late December 2014 - early January 2015”

Just make every body use spikes for motor control. :eek: