[FRC Blog] New Regional Being Added in California in 2019

Seems like a fair and well thought out process, I’m sure none of the california teams on waitlists for events outside california would like to play closer to home… /s

Given the state of our…state

Everyone running to change their volunteer signups from Orange County to Del Mar for week 1:

This makes 12 events in California. #whendistricts

Snark aside, thanks to everyone involved. The Del Mar venue isn’t cheap and a 60 team event isn’t easy to run, but a whole event with that many play spots in CA will be huge for team capacity.

<queue the rush of all California teams on the waitlist or registered for out of state Week 1-3 Regionals, creating SDR 2: Electric Boogaloo> Either way, excited to hopefully volunteering at DMR, being that like SDR, the event is 5 - 10 minutes away from me :stuck_out_tongue:

Huge kudos to FIRST CA for recognizing the need in the community and pushing for a rare event addition AFTER the registration deadline. I’m encouraged to see the willingness to break precedent and attempt to do what is best for teams (more plays in this case). Given that CA teams tend to play more often than other areas stuck on Regional system, this is a big win for our state.

I hope we grow well past 12 events in CA next season. Let’s get to 15 in 2020, or maybe leap-frog and go straight to districts? :wink:


i hope everyone in and outside of the state enjoys this 12th regional while they can because everyone knows california is just 2 years away from districts


On one hand, California definitely needs additional events, given the number of teams looking for second events and the loss of the China regionals this year. On the other hand, San Diego and OC have a large overlap in volunteers, so this will definitely be a ‘stress test’. Here’s hoping that this will encourage more growth in our key volunteer population and not burnout.

Maybe THIS is why I was told teams would not be added from the waitlist of OCR until December…

I heard rumors there would be two SD regional competitions back in June. I just assumed that it was a no go since it didn’t show up yet.

A personal request: San Diego teams on the OCR waitlist, please take a spot at the DMR! Swap the Orange County Fairgrounds for the Del Mar Fairgrounds! I know that may mean you’re doing back to back events at the SAME location, but you’d be doing me a solid.

You know… I was betting on that happening NEXT year. Guess I lost all that money. Who do I pay?

(I bet $0, so here’s my $0.02.)

Just please make California go to districts neat year Frank. This is dumb just adding new a regional to the state each year. There are tons of high schools you can play districts events at in California, and then like a 100 team state competition near San jose or somewhere in the middle of the state.

Having organized one off-season competition a year in a high school that omits pesky things like judging and AV: it ain’t that easy.

Someone closer to the California power structure will have to comment on the current roadblocks over there, though the proliferation of different regionals’ websites makes me think some consolidation would need to happen first.

While I’m not close to the CA power structure, I can say from experience that it is too late to successfully make the switch to the district system in CA unless they have already been working on it. It is not an easy undertaking with the Standard District Model one where two fields and no more than two events per weekend can cover all the needed events. I don’t even want to think about the logistics of going straight to the Super District Model as used in FiM (where you need 3 or more fields/events each weekend.

I do agree that it is on HQ to force this to happen. It is not the money as evidenced by the fact that they were able to prop up a Regional this late in the game. It is the fact that they need to decide to make it happen and get to work. The problem is that FIRST hires RDs and their primary contract obligation is to produce their Regional(s).

Regards addition of volunteers, you might be surprised how many folks here in the frozen northern tier of FIRST land might consider a trip to sunny southern California and a chance to get an early look at game play to be appealing. Yes, it involves working like a demented slave for a few days, but considering that the alternative may well be blizzards and sub zero weather…

T. Wolter

What you have to understand about the district model is that it requires creating a non profit to take on all of the financial risks of the competitions. As well as the actual creating and running. Frank (FIRST) can only force this by withdrawing from supporting the regional model and events. I don’t think this will be inevitable for 3-6 years when it would be necessary to close out the regional model everywhere. “California” has been discussing the transition for some years; but’ getting to the point to feel ready to “Step of the Cliff” is a big undertaking,for the many volunteer organizations involved.

Currently, California needs at least 17 district events (ignoring density and 3rd plays, just looking at how many events are needed at max capacity to run all teams 2 events) to have enough plays for everyone. Thats essentially over 3 events per week to be able to fit it all inside the timeline FIRST has for District Teams going to Houston. This is going to require a lot of people being on board and willing to take on all the changes needed (taking care and the storing of 4 fields, transporting, securing venues, etc) just for this alone. As much as I agree with your sentiment, its more than just snapping your fingers.

What would an incremental approach to converting California to districts look like? Is such a thing possible?

More smaller (30-40 cap) regionals at potential district event sites.

Splitting NorCal and SoCal for a year or so. Have NorCal go districts for a year and SoCal follow the year after. Not necessarily saying it’s the best method but it’s the only incremental one I can think of.