[FRC Blog] No bag for Detroit


Frank’s back at it again, nothing major besides no lockout form checks before unbag:


Well then, I might need to take a trip to worlds just for Niki’s pizza:D


Do they still sign the form/check the CAW ?


CAW is part of inspection, the b&t form isn’t so they will still be checking CAW.


Gotcha, thanks!


Frank over here making me hungry


Wohooooo! More time to work :smiley:


The guide is unclear. Load in and pit setup is 11-4 but when can we start work on the robot? Before 4? If so I assume soon as we uncrate we can start the inspection process and get to work. And if that is true, the 5 team members are the ones who are allowed to work on the pit/robot until 4 when other team members are allowed in? Or can we not start robot work until 4?


+1 I’m fairly confused as well


In Houston, the 5 team members allowed in the pits were allowed to work on the robot as soon as it was uncrated. Then at 4, everyone else could come into the pits


What is confusing about this?


I think it seems too good to be true. :stuck_out_tongue: