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Check out live action and reports from the field, along with in-depth analysis on PLAYxPLAY, our new show on FIRST tv , every Saturday from Noon to 8 PM Eastern Time, right here. The first episode is this Saturday, March 2, with action being reported from Week 1 events!
Event Streams
See the list of Regional webcasts available on here. Or you can find a link on the Regional events results page, like this. Please don’t repost our twitch stream content, though. Individual matches will be immediately posted to our YouTube channel, and once the event is over, the live Twitch channel links on the events results page will switch to the archived Twitch links.
If you want to watch District events, check out the list on The Blue Alliance.
I can’t believe it’s already time for Week 1! I’m so excited!


Paging @whytheheckme for more info on PLAYxPLAY.

Super curious how this will interact (if at all) with regionals that run their own webcast shows on Saturday.

Sure! What would you like to know?!

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Well, the blog post was kinda sparse on info on how it goes.

Will it be just a sort of highlight of specific events that you have people there physically or will it be a highlights reel of all events that weekend?

Ty from RSN here. If you’ve seen our coverage of the Championship Events via FIRSTChampLIVE, we’re going to start with something similar to that. We’ll be curating upcoming and recorded matches from all over the world to bring you the best live viewing experience in FIRST.

Collectively, RSN has over 100 years of FIRST experience under our belts. We’ll be hosting the show live from FIRST’s studio each Saturday. This is a dream come true for me personally, and I hope you’re as excited as I am.


Will PLAYxPLAY cover district events, and if so how will it work for sat/sun ones?

We’re going to try to cover as many events as possible, including district events. It’s actually quite a technological feat to get all these streams into one location, and my hat goes off to @whytheheckme for that. We’ll be running the show on Saturdays, so we’ll only be able to cover matches that happen on Saturday, possibly with some recordings of Friday matches.

This show is going to be an iterative process, and we’re happy to take suggestions and comments as the weeks progress.

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This sounds amazing! With there being so many events going on simultaneously each weekend, having a feed where you can catch all the best matches, especially ones from events that might not be on your radar, is such a luxury. Combine PLAYxPLAY with the The Blue Alliance Gameday multi-view and you’ve pretty much got the dream viewing experience for FRC fans.


Are they posting any of the matches yet on YouTube?

Where will they be posted? Seems like a lot of videos to go on the regular FIRST channel

The TBA overlay on the firstinspires streams looks really nice! Although, I think it would be nice to have a hide button so that the whole stream doesn’t get blocked out whenever someone rolls over it.

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