FRC Blog: Preference System User Guide and Events Posted

Preference System User Guide

You can find the user guide for the new event preference system here.

The system will open at Noon Eastern Time this Thursday, September 21, and close at Noon Eastern Time next Thursday, September 28th. While you will have a full seven days to enter your preferences, we strongly recommend you don’t wait until the last minute.

Events Posted

Except for some District Championships, all FIRST Robotics Competition events for the 2018 season are now posted. As you can’t sign up for District Championships in advance anyway, all events you can sign up for are now available to be added to your preference lists when the preference window opens on Thursday. This also means you now have the full menu of events to start considering, in advance of the preference system opening. Make your list, and check it twice, we’re going to find out who’s awesome.*

You can find the events list here, or use this page to search for events by location/distance.


*No time to rhyme

Blog post and an email referencing the guide. I suspect another one soon from the FIRST NC org too. I’m good with this level of communication. Hopefully Twitter and Facebook messages go out too.

Tweet 2 hours ago:
Facebook post 2 hours ago:

Seems like they’re way ahead of you, Marshall.

Marshall, what time did you get the email? I did not get one and I’m the primary contact for the team. Nothing in my junk mail either. Hopefully I’m not missing other important emails

I saw mine arrive at 3:23pm (yea, Eastern time)

Event Preference Selection email

You can check on previous emails to see if you received any of them:

Mine arrived at the same time (2:23 central, I assume Mark is Eastern).

FWIW I still haven’t received any email.

I haven’t received any of those Team Blasts on the list. I’ve sent an email to FIRST to see if I they can resolve the issue.