[FRC Blog] Prep now so you're ready for Kickoff

Posted on the FRC Blog 11/18/19 by FIRST Staff.

Prep now so you’re ready for Kickoff

Written by FIRST Staff.

Okay, event selection is over, you know what event(s) you’re attending for the 2020 season of INFINITE RECHARGESM. And with more than a month until Kickoff, now is the best time to start prepping and planning for your events so that after the game reveal, you can be all in on measuring, designing, building, pizza, and programming, and pizza… but definitely pizza!

If you’re traveling to an event in 2020, now is when you want to start searching for hotel blocks for you and your team. FIRST has created an all new housing and travel webpage so finding hotels is faster and easier.

Events call for long days of intense concentration, energy, heart-pounding thrills, problem-solving, and teamwork. Make sure you have a place to recharge so you have infinite energy on and off the field during your event (game hint? Maybe!). When your team books with FIRST :

FIRST Robotics Competition Housing Benefits

Start searching for event housing now!

Checking out our discounted hotel blocks now allows you to determine the best options for your team, fundraise if necessary, and get your first picks. Most hotel blocks for FIRST events close 2 – 3 weeks prior to the event, and blocks can fill quickly.

Start your search

Once you book your housing, check these other event prep items off your list while you wait for Kickoff on January 4.

  • Arrange human & robot transportation
  • Download the #FIRSTTravelBuddy
  • Prep your team spirit & promotion (t-shirts, signs, giveaways, cheers)
  • Prep your pit style (posters, decorations, banners, trophies)
  • Build a cart for your robot
  • Pack tools, extra parts, & supplies
  • Pack safety glasses and a First Aid Kit
  • Make a list of team contact info and emergency contacts
  • Plan snacks & drinks so the team is hydrated and energized

Ha ha ha ha ha, FiM.


We must be lucky knowing both of ours. So many events still at ~30 teams.

I was expecting the TravelBuddy to be checklist or inventory.
I was disappointed when I saw it was a “Flat Stanley”.

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Everybody saw the first hint:

Make sure you have a place to recharge so you have infinite energy on and off the field during your event (game hint? Maybe!).

So hotels are “place to recharge” in the game. So that was a galactic hotel in the teaser with the energy recharger. And Disney has the Galactic Starcruiser hotel. Hmm.

But did they see the second?

Plan snacks & drinks so the team is **hydrated** and energized



I’ll believe that FIRST is doing a water game when Valve announces that they’re doing a new Half Life gam… Oh. Well now.


Look, my physics class yesterday had some flying pigs (https://www.arborsci.com/products/flying-pig) and its pretty cold in here in NJ, so hell might be freezing over. With all this happening at once, a water game sounds plausible.

A lot of West Coast teams still waiting on Regionals to release the reserve spots also. Wondering if we’ll get to go to two events for the first time or not get in to the Regional 20 minutes from us.

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