FRC Blog - Prepare for First Event Registration and Sign Up to Beta Test!

Are You Ready for First Event Registration?

Have you registered for the 2017 FIRST Robotics Competition season yet? In order to be ready, your Team will need your two (2) Primary Contacts to pass our Youth Protection Policy screening process. Please see this document for detailed documentation about how to check if your Team is ready.

Beta Testing

This year we are once again looking for 90 teams, 30 for each software language, to help us test the 2017 FIRST Robotics Competition software. A small number of teams have been invited to bypass the application process based on past performance in our Alpha and Beta testing. Most of the spots are still up for grabs, though, so make sure to fill out the application found here by Monday, September 26th, if you are interested. Beta teams will be asked to upgrade their 2016 robots to the 2017 software, perform some specific tests, and help educate other teams about the changes for 2017.

Just a question, do second-year teams ever get beta test spots? We’re really interested and plan to fill out the application.

I don’t think you’re a rookie team any more. Last year, 4 teams were selected who’s rookie year was 2015.

It doesn’t hurt to apply. As Joe said, you are not a rookie anymore. My impression is they try to spread the experience level around. One of things they are looking for is that the code is usable to the less experienced teams. Not that there is necessarily a lot of correlation to team age and programmer experience.

4901 (rookie year: 2014) applied for and got to beta test the roboRIO in the fall of 2014.

Maybe I’m missing something, but with registration coming next week, our team is getting a bit nervous. In previous years, to register for an event, the lead mentor would log in and be able to register for an event.

This year, when I log in to My Dashboard there is no link to go to that would allow me register for an event. Am I to assume that a link will become available once registration opens?

If there is information out there that I missed, and this is a repeat post, I apologize.

I doubt anyone posting on CD has seen the new button, given the changeover to the Dashboard from TIMS. That said, the button to register for events in TIMS didn’t appear until registration was open.

Thanks for the info. I couldn’t remember if the button was there prior to registration or not. We just don’t want to have issues with registration come the 22nd…

You do need to make sure that both and secondary contact are registered and have have done their background checks per the directions.

In addition to that, they need to have logged into their TIMS account. Our secondary contact logged into VIMS and did his Consent and YPP. My Dashboard showed he was good, but we weren’t shown as being ready to go. I contacted HQ and they said he needed to log into TIMS, which redirects to the dashboard, specifically to confirm his info. For those who are also volunteers, don’t assume your ready if you have confirmed your info there.

Has anyone been chosen yet? I think today was the day they said they’d be sending out emails.

Today is the application deadline, so I wouldn’t expect any invitations today :wink: