[FRC Blog] Qualified Rookie Teams on Waitlists for Non-Home Championships

Posted on the FRC Blog, 3/21/2017: https://www.firstinspires.org/robotics/frc/blog/2017-qualified-rookie-teams-non-home-champs

**Qualified Rookie Teams on Waitlists for Non-Home Championships
**Written by Frank Merrick.


Nothing says ‘excitement’ like another waitlist policy change.

We’re making a change to our policy regarding Rookie teams on Championship waitlists. While, as has been the practice for years, non-Championship qualified Rookie teams will still not be able to join waitlists, qualified Rookie teams (Rookie teams who earn their way to the 2017 Championship through their accomplishments during the season) will be able to join the waitlist for their non-home Championship, if they want a chance to attend their non-home Championship. Their status as a qualified team takes priority over their status as a Rookie.

We will be including this information in an upcoming email blast to all teams. Also, Rookie teams that had qualified for Championship during a prior competition week will now find they have access to the waitlist for their non-home Championship through the dashboard on their Team account. Questions may be directed to Team Support using one of the contact methods shown here.


Ryan Hall is slacking.

Nope, I’m just still holding out for FIRST to give an honorable Championship invite to 6525 after The Great Southern Cross Fiasco (5985 and 6579 are already qualified).

But nah focusing on letting rookies pick their Championship instead is cool too I guess.

Fuel fired.

But honestly, they have to fix it. The rookie waitlist is cool and all, but they have Southern Cross holding a spot in my salt-pile.

I’d just like them to start releasing non-home wait list spots so that teams can adequately prepare.

I agree. They may have clarified it, but FIRST still needs to own up to it, and there’s plenty of waitlist slots available.