FRC Blog - Registration Issues Update

Yesterday, I noted we had an issue with first-round event assignments, in which approximately 5% of teams were not assigned the correct event. I apologize again for this.

The good news is that today we are contacting teams that were negatively affected by our error to see if they want to move into the more preferred event they should have been assigned to. We need to do some juggling to make this happen, but we are confident we can do so. These teams will have until 5 PM Eastern Time Monday, October 2, to let us know if they would like to move. If we don’t hear from them by that time, we will assume they are not interested in changing events. We would like to give these teams more time to respond, but right now we have a hold on unrelated event registrations while we get this sorted out. If things go as expected, we should be able to open event registrations and start processing waitlist moves Monday night or Tuesday.

I thought you might like to see some statistics on how the new preference system worked in assigning teams. Please note that these stats show how the system would have worked if the bug had not been present and teams got what they should have the first time through. With our attempt to remedy the situation team by team as described above, the actual statistics will vary somewhat from this, but I think the actuals will be close to this when the dust settles.

[li]3,093 teams were registered or waitlisted for events
[/li]> [li]92.5% of teams, or 2,861 teams, would have been registered for their first event preference
[/li]> [li]4.8% of teams, or 150 teams, would have been waitlisted for their first event preference.
[/li]> [LIST]
[li]Note that all 53 teams in Israel were automatically waitlisted, because of the way that District currently handles allocation to their four district events
[/li]> [li]Last year, under the first-come-first-served system, at the conclusion of the first day of Regional registration, 4.7% of teams, or 107 teams out of the 2,239 total in the system, were waitlisted.
[/li]> [/ul]
[li]2.1% of teams, or 66 teams, would have been registered for their 2nd event preference
[/li]> [li]Balance of registrations/waitlists would have been negligible from a % standpoint
[/li]> [/LIST]
I hope everyone has a great weekend!


So I got an email from them indicating we did not receive our preference but the email indicated we were registered for a different event than we are currently registered for… Not sure if I’m the only one. I have already contacted them via a response and asked for clarity.

Go figure that I’m one of the ones who gets an email… :cool:

I think Frank is just messing with you.

Actually, it turned out to be NC teams in general. Still probably my fault somehow - probably the Unicode characters in our team name. Sorry NC!

There are lots of Unicode team names now, we got the idea from you and 2848. 457 has unicode in their name now too. Honestly surprised HQ hasn’t banned it yet.

Well we all know the story about the Team DROP TABLE Teams.

Well, at least their lead mentor Bobby.

It seems they’re making these updates right now. 2526 and 3291 just moved from Northern Lights (MNDU2) to Lake Superior (MNDU).

Hopefully that means they start clearing waiting lists later today.

FIRST doesn’t clear wait lists, per se, yes they manually make the change but it is up to the individual RD’s to determine who gets moved off of the wait list and how much of those reserved spots are released at any given time.

The wait list is for hardship cases and late registering rookies. So if the RD knows that a new team is just jumping through the final hoops they won’t rush to clear the wait list.

Slight correction above.

I think the point is that the correction to the registration error might open up a few spots on a previously full event. Those free spots should go to teams on the waitlist first. Then teams that did not submit preferences can register for events or waitlists. If the spots are not offered to the current waitlist first, a team that did not use the preference system could steal one of the spots that was opened by fulfilling the want of the teams that did not get the proper event from the first lottery.

Edited to make the paragraph less clunky.

Agreed they do need to take teams off of the wait list that landed there because of the other errors before opening it to those that didn’t enter the lottery.

Marshall, I was trying to get 900 registered for the Rumble in the Roads but must have screwed up the whole system. Ooops.

Exactly that. Northern lights went from 30/30 to 28/30 (of an eventual 60 teams) with at least one team known to be on the waiting list. Lake Superior went from 33/33 to 34/34.

The next two teams that attempted to register for Northern Lights in the first round shouldn’t be on the waitlist and should get those 2 spots.

Beyond that, if there are still people on waiting lists for any event, those must be addressed before they open up space in the events for the second event round on Oct 12.