[FRC Blog] Registration Opening, Digital Animation Award, Safety Animation Award

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Unrestricted Regional Event Registration and Additional In-District Event Registration open at Noon, Eastern Time this Thursday, October 31. Hey, that’s Halloween! And as these registrations are first-come-first-served, this gives you a chance to relive the scary old days when all registration was first-come-first-served! So warm up those intertubes and get ready to start furiously mashing those keyboards at the stroke of noon!

Digital Animation Award sponsored by AutomationDirect

Our friends at AutomationDirect are once again sponsoring the Digital Animation Award! Check out all the details here. I’m sure we’re going to see another great round of entries, as we have in prior seasons. Please be sure to read and follow all the rules; it breaks out hearts when we have to decline a submission. Also, please be sure to get those submissions in by the deadline of 11:59 PM Eastern Time Thursday, January 23, 2020.

Safety Animation Award sponsored by UL

As a reminder, the Safety Animation Award sponsored by our friends at UL is now open. See the details here, and please pay attention to that deadline of December 5!


I know this isn’t a hint but a small part of me wants it to be. But a larger part of me doesn’t as it most likely means no shooting game


uh oh

What does it mean?

I’ll have to dig up the xkcd that will explain it better than I ever can…

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