[FRC Blog] Registration Update and Reminder

Posted on the FRC Blog, 10/4/16: http://www.firstinspires.org/robotics/frc/blog/2017-registration-update-reminder

Registration Update and Reminder

Written by Frank Merrick, 2016 OCT 04.

We are now ready for event registration this week. We’ve been working tirelessly with the MySQL database expert we have hired to optimize the performance of the database and believe we are in a good position.

We are continuing with our plans to minimize demands on our system during the rush period, as we have detailed previously. Please note once again this means the API some folks use to gather and share registration data with the community will be turned off for a period of time. I love, love, love the *FIRST *Fandom activities like this one that are such an important part of our vibrant culture, but we really need to take this step to give us the best possible chance of success.

The big event for District teams is only one day away, to be followed the day after for Regional teams. See all the details (and there are lots of them) in this blog. Note that we have provided a supplemental resource page to help teams determine whether they are part of the Regional or District model, and the blog has been edited to reflect that. District/Regional model status is likely not completely obvious to rookie teams, though we are working to make it more so.

Bottom line, if you are a District team, your District event registration period opens at Noon Eastern time on Wednesday, October 5th.

If you are a Regional team, your Regional event registration period opens at Noon Eastern time on Thursday, October 6th.

As noted in the earlier blog, you can help us make this a success by sharing this info, and sharing it again. We will have another email blast going out to all teams today, but it can’t hurt to make sure folks you know are aware of this. Friends don’t let friends miss event registration!


Well, I was able to successfully register for our district event (but unfortunately frclinks.com, probably because of API disable, can’t show who is registering). Oh well, but at least registration was quick and painless this time around with no hard crashes.

Congrats FIRST, it might actually work out this time.

In and out smoothly. No issues at all. Good job to all those who worked on resolving the issue.

Went very smoothly this time. Registered in less than a minute, seems like they got things mostly figured out for this wave.

So we can only register for our home district event today, not the additional event?? (I’m in Michigan)

Yes. 2nd event registration will be later (it was going to be tomorrow before 1st event registration crashed hard and had to be rescheduled).

Where is the actual registration? I am in the dashboard and it has the button to “PAY THIS SEASON’S TEAM OR EVENT REGISTRATION.” When I click it, it shows payment options but nothing to register for our District events. Am I in the wrong spot?

Thank you so much. I was thinking that, and was prepared for anything today to be abnormal. Thanks again.

2 buttons below it I have an event registration button that I used to get my event.

Butter smooth for Iron Kings. Done by 12:01!

Wanting to Register FIM Kettering #2, Only Event Status that is Open is FIM Kettering #1. ALL other events are listed as Coming Soon…
Kettering is our Home Event. Please Advise.

You need to pass the YPP screening before registering for an event, so that may be your problem.

I wish that was it. Both Lead Coaches are passed the YPP.

You’re probably better off just calling FIRST- that’s probably the fastest way to get help.

This is a screenshot from my dashboard, which registered successfully today. Do you have that bottom button? That’s where you go to do it.

Did not have Red Arrow shown in your screen shot.
Registered for FIM Kettering #1.
Sent request to firstroboticscompetition@firstinspires requesting District Event change from KU#1 to KU#2.
Will see what happens…
Hope that I’m an isolated situation

Their email address is [email protected] ! (I have no idea if that other one will go to them)

On another note, it sounds like you’re in the home event system. It will only show you the event you’re geographically qualified for if you’re from michigan. If you don’t want that event, you have to wait until the second round to pick something else. That’s probably why you can only see Kettering #1- and if that’s the case, FIRST won’t be able to switch it even if you email. Kettering 1 and 2 are different events, even though they are in the same place, so if they decided 1 was your home, you can only register for it and not 2.

Received a Google Form email from Gail Alpert (FIRST in Michigan President and Secretary) that I fill out and submitted to request movement to Kettering #2. Thanks for the input CD.

My tims account says it doesn’t like PO Box for an address when I tried to register. Where can I change the address? We are a school.

Team #5194 - Gobles Voltage
Gobles High School
Gobles, MI

We are okay. FRC changed the address and got the PO Box outta there. Thanks.