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Posted in the FRC Blog, 1/25/2022: https://www.firstinspires.org/robotics/frc/blog/2022-remote-judging-update

Remote Judging Update

Jan 25, 2022 | Written by Fiona Hanlon, FIRST Robotics Competition Team Engagement Specialist

Back in November, we released a blog that shared that Single-Day Events are judged remotely. At the time, the plan was that traditional events would conduct judging in-person (although events could choose to do Dean’s List remotely). When this decision was made, we were hopeful that the COVID situation would improve in time for events. Unfortunately, that is not the case, and we think it’s important to allow flexibility with respect to judging.

So, each event may now opt to host their interviews remotely instead of having interviews occur at the event. If an event chooses to change their judging to remote, all aspects of judging will be remote (including Chairman’s and Dean’s List interviews). Because the COVID scenario varies by region, this decision for each event is determined by the Program Delivery Partner. FIRST is committed to maintaining an updated list of events that have opted for remote judging and notifying teams of those changes via Team Updates and Team Blasts. A team that attends an event hosting remote interviews can reference these guidelines.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to provide you the best and safest event experience that we can. We are so excited for events to begin, and we will continue to provide updates via the FIRST Robotics Competition blog, Team Blasts, social media (Facebook and Twitter), and Team Updates. As always, if a team has any concerns or questions, please contact Team Support at firstroboticscompetition@firstinspires.org or me directly via frcteamadvocate@firstinspires.org.


Not gonna lie I wouldn’t mind this at my events or even this being a new normal.

Let people in the pits focus on the robot and it maintenance/repairs.

Let the remote judges do the presentations and keep the two or so field side judges for robot awards. Both sets submit their scores for every team for every award the scores are weighted in some way to support one set of judges or the other. Submit the scores and comments to either another Judge or an online system that picks the winners based on the scores and boom done.

All teams then get an email at the end of the event with their scores and comments so they know how to improve for their next event/next year.

If people don’t like the remote stuff in the future set up a judging room like they do for chairmans, build into the FMS a “Judging match” for each team to go to said room and do their interview. So teams now when it is time for Match X to be called in the pits they then now that is when they are expected to go to the judging room.

I just think the current door to door style of judging is very unoptimized especially with current technology.


Depends…is this for ALL judged awards or just those that already have a scheduled interview like Chairman’s, Deans List etc.? If it were for ALL judged awards I would love this because it might level the playing field for some teams.

As someone who has judged a lot of events - I welcome remote judging. In fact. I welcome it becoming more widely accepted. And would welcome expanding judging to include more of the role model part of the job by including a 10 minute q&a section for teams to ask judges about themselves and their careers.


Another set of fingers crossed here hoping that this becomes a normal and accepted way to do all forms of judging. I’d love to be able to hand pick the students who speak to the judges, have them be comfortable in doing so, and not need to ensure that said presenters are always in the pit 24/7 until the judges have finished their rounds.

I hope remote judging becomes the norm in the future at all events.
One of the limitations of judging in person for certain awards such as Dean’s List, RCA, etc. was the scheduling issues, and teams often had students who were not on the drive team, be the award presenters. It became almost impossible to focus on a tournament and doing a presentation at the same time.
With remote judging, its a lot easier for any student on the team, regardless of roles, to be able to present.


Recruiting judge volunteers from industry can also often be easier mid-week with many companies willing to allow their employees to take some work time to volunteer. That, and super dedicated folks who could now double dip as a judge and another volunteer role!

/VC recruitment rant over


It’s too bad that it took a Pandemic to have people realize remote judging and meetings (at my workplace) could be done.

The only drawback I see though in remote judging is if teams do back to back events, especially if they have to fly on an airplane to and from home, between events. >.<


Hopefully, if the judging period for an event is long enough, say 4 to 5 days, that will be less of an issue.

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