[FRC Blog] Season Teaser Release Details

Posted on the FRC blog on 10/9/2015: http://www.usfirst.org/roboticsprograms/frc/blog-Season-Teaser-Release-Details

Hello Teams!

As I said in this blog, this year’s game hint will be not so much a hint as a teaser for the 2016 season. While our game hints in the past have been things some in our community enjoy, and others, understandably, don’t care to invest time in, I honestly believe the great majority of people in our community are going to want to see this. It’s that big a deal. I am not saying that if you miss this premiere you’ll probably regret it, but…wait a minute, no, actually I am saying that if you miss this premiere you’ll probably regret it.

You’ll be able to experience the world premiere of the teaser on Wednesday, October 14th at 9PM EST on GameSense, a community-created webcast about all things FRC. Immediately after the premier on GameSense, we’ll be releasing the teaser broadly through the usual channels. GameSense is an important partner to FRC, and we couldn’t be happier that they agreed to help with the premiere! We love you all :heart::heart::heart::heart:!

Of course, this 2016 season teaser premiere is great reason to get your team together to watch as group, and a fantastic excuse for pizza.


Everyone on GameSense is SUPER pumped to be premiering the FRC’s 2016 teaser. We can’t wait to see what Frank and the FRC staff have been cooking up for everyone in the community (we’re just as much in the dark as you are!). Now that the day is set, and the show is public, we are going to be finalizing our guests for the show. Once we have them lined up, we will spill the beans on exactly what the show will look like. We’ve been prepping everything for over a month and are eager to share what we’ve got planned for next Wednesday night.

Start planning your team watching parties! You can view the broadcast on our Twitch.tv or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=(youtube.com/frcgamesense) channels on Wednesday 10/14 from 9-10 PM ET.


And we are grateful. A month! This’ll be great.

Will this be replacing the gamehint in December altogether or will a gamehint be released alongside this?

Really excited for the broadcast!

84 days just became 5.

Does this mean the season will last for less then two days instead of six weeks? :yikes:

I don’t think game hints will ever go away. I think the GDC has too much fun coming up with them and watching us squirm while we try to figure them out.

Might have to go with a Frank Special* instead.


My dad used that term when suggesting a pizza type for us to share when we were out volunteering at a regional earlier this year, and were on our own for dinner. :eek: [/spoiler]

So, this blog post is a teaser for a teaser? #teaserception

I am honestly shocked that this has not generated more buzz. I honestly think that they will leak enough information for us to potentially start prototyping. Imagine knowing it would be a soccer or basketball themed game in 2010 or 2012.

P.S. lets get ready for some football!

They would never do that. (If they do I don’t know what to think.) It would defeat a big part of kickoff.

Would that have really helped you that much?

2012 was not basketballs it was basketball colored nerf balls. So maybe you’d have known the goal, but not the height, number of goals, size of the ball. If you were even allowed to shoot the ball.

Knowing soccer, but without the ball size and the 2" inside your perimeter rule my time would have been wasted. Also if I prototype without knowing the rules I’d be attached to my ideas once the game actually game out. So I’d never think of the game breaking robot that was 469.

So if you see a football in the game preview, what will you start on?

I agree, the possible minor lessons learned will come at great time/resource expense that could be better used on other training, fundraising, etc… Boatload of hours preseason to shave off maybe a half day in season (if that).

Waterproofing electrical connections and components in anticipation of a water game, of course!

A pneumatic football deflator.

And putting the Vex stickers that say “This Sticker is Waterproof” and “#Watergame2016” to good use as well, right? The real game hint came on Kickoff 2015 :smiley: :ahh:


Another failed attempt to bank sleep before kickoff.

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If it is a football game, then NE Teams have a special endgame where robots must measure pressure inside each football and determine whether or not it is below 12.5 psi.