[FRC Blog] Single-Day Event Plans, Digital Animation Award, and Safety Animation Reminder

Single-Day Event Plans

As mentioned in this blog, some areas are hosting Single-Day Events due to local conditions. We wanted to share additional information about what these events look like, although local leadership may make tweaks. Check out the Single-Day Event Plans document for more details including a sample schedule and information about judging and district points.

Digital Animation Award

Submissions for the Digital Animation Award are now open. Check out the Digital Animation Award webpage for all of the details. We can’t wait to see your animations for this year’s theme: Fast Forward – Transportation. Teams have until January 27th at noon ET to submit their animation. A big thanks to our friends at AutomationDirect.com for sponsoring and judging this award!

Safety Animation Award Reminder

Speaking of animations, don’t forget that the Safety Animation Award sponsored by UL is due in just over one week. Animations must be submitted by Thursday, December 2, 2021 at 3:00pm ET. Check out this year’s theme and submission requirements and learn how to submit on the Safety webpage.


There are some hints about tournament structure from the single-day event info.

  • Tournament structure will be qualification matches followed by alliance selection and playoffs, with at least playoffs continuing to be 3 team alliances. (Not really a surprise, no, but not something that one could necessarily take for granted as the tournament structure can change each year and certainly has changed in the past.)
  • Qualification ranking points (or some equivalent) are (at least to some degree) comparable between single-day events, as “A single Highest Rookie Seed Award is awarded to the Rookie team (or teams) that ranks highest at that venue that weekend (i.e. not at each individual Single-Day Event).” This may imply something more Recycle Rush style (or going back, the style of many earlier years of FIRST) where your match score is more directly used in rankings instead of “just” using a win-loss record with some possible bonus ranking points. But it’s entirely likely that I’m reading too much into it, and one could reasonably compare them even if ranking is directly win-loss based.
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The Digital Animation Award link appears to be broken. A quick google search doesn’t come up with anything else besides the moved webpage.
Has anyone else found a working page?

EDIT: They fixed it.

So on your second point FIRST has historically only cared about what your ranking number is for this award. What I mean is at Champs “subdivisions” used to share awards so the highest rookie seed would go to the highest ranked rookie among the two divisions. In 2019 Galileo and Roebling shared awards and 7489 on Roebling won highest rookie seed for ranking 11th with a 2.3 RS, while on Galileo 7620 was rank 13th with a 2.5 RS.

So in my opinion RP is most likely staying in the form it has been since 2016, and the highest rookie seed is just going to which Rookie has the highest rank across the 3 days with no care to how that rank is determined in the actual game.

TL/DR saying a highest rookie seed can be calculated across different days means nothing about how ranking will be determined.

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Oh! So “ranks highest” might literally mean “rank number” and not “ranking score”? That’s not how I had read it at all, but now I don’t know which they meant. Thanks for that background; I haven’t been to Championship since I think 2001 or so and I don’t remember much about it, and a lot has changed since then. :slight_smile:

Some excerpts from the single-day event plan for Chesapeake and Ontario teams:

  • Teams play 10 quals matches per event down from the normal 12
  • Playoffs will have 4 alliances with a normal structure starting at semi-finals
  • Winning alliance will get 20 district points instead of 30, finalist 10 instead of 20
  • Alliance selection district points decrease in 2 point increments instead of 1 point increments
  • Teams playing back-to-back events get 2 district points as they’re only in one awards set

Comparing this schedule to the one that was shown during the last Chesapeake town hall:

  • Venue opening pushed from 7:00 AM to 7:30 AM
  • 15 minute Safety Captain meeting added
  • 15 minute break after alliance selection added

Personally I was hoping for a 5 alliance round robin playoff with 5 district points awarded per match win, but I guess not having a backup team available for each alliance probably is a bad idea. The 15 minute break after alliance selection is nice for strategizing but if teams are going to cheesecake during it they’ll need to be fast. There’s still no mention of practice matches or field calibration in the schedule, I really really hope those will happen during the 7:30-9:00 AM window.

Never been on a rookie team myself, but this has always been my interpration/understanding of how this award worked. Highest rookie seed looks at your final number/position in the ranks, not explicitly your ranking score.

The document says

Winners and Finalists are declared at each single-day event. Teams on the winning alliance are
presented with a blue banner, trophy, plaque, and medals. Teams on the finalist alliance are
presented with a trophy, plaque, and medals.

Does that mean all 3 winning alliances at a 3-single-day regional event get a bid to CMP?

There is currently no published qualification guidelines for the new one-event CMP in 2022.