[FRC Blog] Snow and Don Update

Posted on the FRC Blog, 1/18/17: http://www.firstinspires.org/robotics/frc/blog/2017-snow-don-update

Snow and Don Update

Written by FIRST Staff, 2017 JAN 18.


This portion of the blog written by Bad Guy Frank.


FIRST Robotics Competition teams in several areas are experiencing delays, and in some case extended delays, in being able to work on their robots because schools are shut down due to weather. I understand how frustrating this can be. Everyone is anxious to get to work, and everyone wants to build the best robot they can. Losing build days does not help. However, individual teams everywhere need to deal with unexpected adverse events that do not affect others. This is an intended part of the challenge that comes along with a limited build season. And as the saying goes ‘adversity builds character’*.

I think the times you are most likely to remember are the times when you did something amazing against the odds. This can be one of those times. Figure it out, work through it, make it happen. I believe in our teams.

Don Update

Written by Frank Merrick.

Just about the best of all possible news. I had said in an earlier blog that FIRST President Don Bossi had undergone surgery for colon cancer. He left the hospital Friday, two days earlier than anticipated, is no longer taking painkillers and is walking nearly two miles per day on his treadmill. Also, last night he got the biopsy results back, and the cancer appears not to have spread. As of right now, he won’t need chemo or radiation. This is all great news!

We’ve been keeping Don up to date on all the well-wishes we’ve been seeing coming in from teams. Don said “The incredible outpouring of support from the FIRST staff and community definitely made my recovery easier and stronger.” A huge thanks to everyone for all the support and encouragement!


Build the robot in the snow, uphill, both ways?

With no VEXpro!

So great to hear that Don is making a speedy recovery!


We’ve found the real reason California and Texas (and most of the south) are still in regionals, it’s to make up for the fact that northern teams miss a week of build every year and need the extra time from districts!

Then why isn’t New York in a district? We get a lot of snow here.

Or Minnesota or Wisconsin?

I remember building without AndyMark either!

Great news about Don! Glad to hear it.

I’m very relieved to hear that Mr. Bossi is doing well.
Although we don’t focus on it, Medicine is a very strong part of STEM. Colon cancer is historically a very scary adversary. Thanks to the advances made by scientists, doctors, pharmacists, chemical engineers, and other visionaries, it appears Mr. Bossi is now healthier than I am. In fact, it sounds like he would be willing to shovel some driveways.