FRC Blog - Something New - Team 'Standards'

I didn’t see a link to the newest forum post yet. Interesting concept. It seems that the medieval theme is going to carry over into gameplay.

(I’m not fancy and don’t know how to quote the body of the blog post like Hallry does so I apologize)

No game elements above the driver stations this year.

Not sure how I feel about the Standards. Definitely different.

Just. Awesome.

I love the idea, the fact that every team’s standard will be different, the fact that we can start it in the preseason, the fact that we get patches to add to our standard… It’s just awesome…

Sounds like a pretty awesome idea! I’m definitely looking forward to it, but it does limit the opportunities for goals in a projectile shooting game

This. Definitely not a shooting game (or at least a traditional one with goals above the driver station). If scoring is against the driver station wall, it seems like it’ll be narrower (2012 esque).

Ah yes, the next step forward in making FRC more professional and attractive to television and outsiders.

Great idea! I’ve posted a comment asking for two history patches, as they want two-sided flags. Also, if you want some history on this style of flag, don’t look for a standard, look for a Gonfalon.

I’m baffled by this step sideways/backwards.

I’m not sure it’s a step backwards. It adds visual representation of achievement or experience with the game, and I think it will add a cool look to the field. This could provide an understandable shorthand for people who haven’t watched all season to appreciate the relative “power level” of the teams on the field.

College football does something similar by addinghelmet stickers for players who reach certain achievements throughout their playing career.

I don’t mind FIRST going all in on a theme as long as it helps people understand action on the field, as opposed to FLL style themes that have little to no effect during their matches.

I think this is a much better execution of a game theme than the teaser trailer.

I can’t see how such themes help get normal people involved.

Obviously if it’s a bunch of streamers just floating above driver stations it will appear childish or like some kind of medieval castle. But this is an opportunity for teams to show off their branding. Imagine if instead of “standards” FIRST said “teams can now choose to display their logo over their driver station for recognizability for the crowd/audience.”

Fair. But I don’t think it’ll drive anyone away, and at least this may have a bit of utility for the non-FIRST observer.

I like the idea of teams being able to display their brand in a static, standardized method like something you see at center ice or in an endzone.

The streamers, loose controls over design, STREAMERS… uhh… Not really a win for those who see FRC as something that should have a professional look, but a definite victory for those who think FRC is supposed to be FLL for high schoolers.

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For those of you talking about how this will detract from the “professional look”, strive to make your standard look professional and help other teams do the same. No need to talk down about FIRST trying something new that doesn’t impact competitions in a serious way. I’m excited that non-STEM interested students will have more things to do and stay involved with an FRC team (disclaimer: my girlfriend does the art stuff for my old team).

Are you kidding me? FRC has many problems but “not enough chances for teams to express themselves” is not one of them.

Can we maybe address the abysmal/decentralized webcasts, lack of recorded footage, high cost of participation, lack of quality control at events, abusive volunteers… ?

Nah, but we got banners yo.

I think this is similar to stickers on college football helmets. If done right, it doesn’t have to look dumb.

But will most teams do it right?

I would wager that giving teams the option to add a banner above their driver station has absolutely no effect on FIRST’s ability or willingness to address those issues.

I would like to see those problems fixed as well, but it doesn’t mean that FIRST should do absolutely nothing until they are addressed to our satisfaction. This would be akin to saying the Red Cross shouldn’t run fundraising efforts to combat malaria until the bubonic plague is completely eradicated.

I don’t think this will be executed with the same successful uniformity of bumpers of that’s what you’re saying :wink:

In place of the banners add a Go Pro tied to the FMS to start and stop it… There you go, recorded footage fixed except for these pesky banners.

I’m being facetious of course, but the point is that the thought and effort that went into this could easily have been used for something more useful. It’s more akin to saying the Red Cross should stop throwing cocktail parties for poodles until the bubonic plague is eradicated.