FRC Blog - Space at Regionals and a Shopping List

Space at Regionals

Even though many of our Regional events have waiting lists, we still have room in some locations! If you think you are going to want more events in your 2019 season, these currently have space:

Week 1
Istanbul Regional, Istanbul, Turkey

Week 2
Bosphorus Regional, Istanbul, Turkey
Canadian Pacific Regional, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Regional Monterrey, Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico
Southern Cross Regional, Sydney Olympic Park, New South Wales, Australia

Week 3
Arizona North Regional, Flagstaff, Arizona, USA
Regional de la Ciudad de México, Ciudad de México, Mexico
Great Northern Regional, Grand Forks, North Dakota, USA
Central New York Regional, Utica, New York, USA

Week 4
Regional Laguna, Torreon, Coahuila, Mexico
Hudson Valley Regional, Suffern, New York, USA
Greater Pittsburgh Regional, California (the city), Pennsylvania, USA
Iowa Regional, Cedar Falls, Iowa, USA
SBPLI Long Island Regional #1, Hempstead, New York, USA

Week 5
Hawaii Regional, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
Idaho Regional, Nampa, Idaho, USA

Week 6
Canadian Rockies Regional, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Festival de Robotique a Quebec City Regional, Quebec City, Quebec, Canada

Check out more details on these events here. To add one of these events to your schedule, please contact Team Support using one of the methods shown here.

A Shopping List
Avoid the Rush!

Were you sitting around thinking “Boy, I wish I had another shopping list to deal with”? Well FIRST Robotics Competition is here to help! But we think you will actually like this one!

We heard from the community that you’d like to be able to purchase the raw materials necessary to build the team versions of the field elements before kickoff so you can be ready when the drawings get released. That made lots of sense. So, we’re publishing a list of the materials you will need to build wooden elements of the 2019 game now. Its link lives here, and you can access it directly here.

Please read the document carefully. You will see there are two versions of the list of materials, one for you to use if you think you will want to build a half field, one for you to use if you think you are more interested in a reduced build that should still cover the basics, but won’t be as representative of the competition field. Also, please carefully read the note in blue on the document. Even with the reduced list, we can’t guarantee individual teams may decide they don’t want to build everything they could with what they purchase. If money is especially tight, you may want to hold off until Kickoff and make your decisions then.

We’re sure these lists will be combed for clues. Good luck.*


*What’s with that sweep on the list? OMG! Curling! It’s a curling game! Canada is sure to dominate!

You asked for it, you got it, again!

Let the speculation begin!

What speculation? Frabk said it’s curling.

This gets me every time.

Curling has ice, ice is a state of water, water game 2019 confirmed!

But for real, this is going to be a huge help to teams to get their field done as soon as possible. Love it!

2” 3M 8830 Scotchlite Reflective Material, Adhesive Backed – 14 feet

Vision targets are back on the menu, boys!

1-1/4” long, #6 Drywall Screws – Approximately 500
2-1/2” long, #6 Drywall Screws – Approximately 700

Seems like a LOT of screws…

Also, the door sweep is interesting. An airlock???!?

How about the 65 feet of Hook Fastner? Giant velcro wall for the robots to jump onto?

I said the same thing in a group chat haha. One of my FTA/CSA friends brought up that it would likely be for securing objects to the carpet.

Maybe they will be used as targets for shooting fuzzy balls at?

So how does this list compare to past years? Is this stronghold or power up quantity of wood (quite a bit) or closer to Steamworks (on the lighter end unless creating the air ship)?

With how many vision products that were released last year and the relatively minimal viability in power-up, I can’t imagine vision won’t be a huge part of this year. A lot of people spent some pretty pennies on vision (limelight namely) and barely had an application for it.

Plus, what would a vehicle to space without a camera be?

Anyone have theories about the brush door sweep?

Teams will be required to clean the field of debris and robot parts after each match.

28 sheets of 1/2" plywood? Yeah we can afford that.:ahh:

I know I tried many times to attach a broom to a robot when I was a freshman team member. It never worked well. I think we were using rocker drivetrains, so that may have been the problem. I guess we’ll have to use swerve this year.

The instructions make me wonder whether some of the plywood are just for the side boundaries of the field. Otherwise, that is a whole heck of a lot of plywood.

Another thing to keep in mind, in addition to FIRST’s warning that teams may choose to build only some of the field elements, FIRST’s team versions are sometimes less than great. If I recall correctly, the team version platforms in 2015 didn’t have HDPE and many 2016 elements were almost worse than useless. The plywood drawbridge and portcullis performed amazingly different from the real deal. I think they might have gotten better in 2017 and 2018, but you can never be sure.

Y’all missed the game hint! Wood game confirmed.

Seems like everything for a door except the hinges.

Every game is a wood game.:wink:

• ¼-20 x 1-3/4” Flat Head Bolt – 48

Maybe another Frank can answer this one: Does the fastener above need to be fully threaded, or are partial threads ok? I noticed there’s no corresponding nut listed, so I’m guessing it might thread into a tight (7/32"?) hole drilled in wood?