[FRC Blog] STIMS and Steampunk

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STIMS and Steampunk

Written by Frank Merrick, 2016 NOV 07.


We hear you. STIMS (the FIRST team information management system) can be frustrating to use. I attended a meeting last week here at FIRST HQ that had the right people in attendance to make improvements. The meeting included folks that deal directly with our customers and are hearing firsthand what the challenges are. Many in the meeting had also reviewed the recent posts on the Chief Delphi forums discussing these issues.

We have a path forward for short-term improvements. Some are easy to implement, others will take more time, but you will gradually be seeing steps over the next several weeks in the right direction. We are determined to make things better!


Get your Steampunk on tonight, as our friends at First Updates Now (FUN) host Hananiah Wilson, creator of the Steampunk Style Guide that was included in DLC Pack 2! Check it out here starting at 8:30PM Eastern Time.


Thanks Frank!

Wow, we CDenizens are going to get spoiled! We complain about something here and it actually affects change!
In all seriousness though, big thanks to Frank for always listening to the community and trying to improve the experience for everyone.

And apparently brings Hallry back! :smiley:


Clearly there is one conclusion. Hallry IS Frank! It explains EVERYTHING!

In all seriousness though, it’s good to hear they’re working on it. I trust in FIRST to eventually get things right, and their breakneck pace on this shows that it’s a top priority.

How do I get Chief Delphi angry and ranting about 1712 not being delivered enough free pizzas during build season?

You don’t even need a rant

As I recall, there was a pretty prompt response denying that particular demand.

I am really glad to see that HQ is watching and listening, and more importantly, addressing concerns.

One of my favorite CD posts that I saw in essentially real time. In the past fifteen years, I have eaten exactly one corn dog - purchased and consumed in the Edward Jones Dome during CMP 2015 (Friday, IIRC). If not for CD, I would have selected something else.

And yes, it is good to know that FIRST is responsive to the community here on CD. Especially as this is NOT an official FIRST outlet, though it does seem to have the largest active FRC user base on the world wide web.

Thanks for the update and everything Frank and (team). Just checked TIMS and out of the 25 youth members last year I now have 3 youth members on the roster. Whenever I had my members check to make sure they are registered; everything checks out. Hopefully it will be resolved soon I get nervous before January. :wink:

This, right here, is why I participate in FRC. Changing lives, one corndog at a time.

Ryan’s spending all his time deleting spam.

Taken out of context, this makes it sound like CD is the only reason you still do FRC

For those who want to Steampunk your FRC Team our show is now available on YouTube and Audio Download.

Watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RcFNRzrc7OQ

A big thanks to Hannah for being our guest and for Libby doing a great job filling in the host spot.