[FRC Blog] Stop Build Day and Digital Animation Award Winner!

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Stop Build Day and Digital Animation Award Winner!

Written by Frank Merrick, 2017 FEB 21.

Stop Build Day
It’s Stop Build Day! And you know what that means – yep, a little Shakespeare to ennoble your final push. From Henry VI, Part 1:
“Defer no time, delays have dangerous ends.”
For the first time ever, we have a world-wide, simultaneous stop build time. So, if you hear distant sighs of relief and a celestial clatter of tools being dropped right around 04:59 UTC on February 22nd, you can bet it’s your 3,000+ fellow FIRST Robotics Competition teams finishing up.Take note of that date and time, and remember you need to translate it to your local time so you don’t work past the deadline. Full rules in Section 8.4 of the manual.

2017 Digital Animation Award sponsored by Automation Direct
We have a winner! Out of 101 submissions, FIRST Robotics Competition Team 1317, Digital Fusion, came out on top with their submission Letting Off Steam. Digital Fusion will be presented with a trophy at their first event this season and you’ll probably see their animation now and again through Championship.
Check out their animation below. Great work, team!


And a special thanks to our friends at Automation Direct for sponsoring this award! As many of you probably know, for the last two years Automation Direct has completed the official game animation videos as a donation to FIRST and we couldn’t be happier!


“Stop build day is a social construct” -Pauline Tasci

“Stop Build…] Day”

[ing the robot that you intend to put int he bag except for any pieces you are keeping as part of your withholding allowance]