[FRC Blog] Stop Build Day

Posted on the FRC Blog, 2/20/18: https://www.firstinspires.org/robotics/frc/blog/2018-stop-build-day

Stop Build Day

Written by Frank Merrick, 2018 FEB 20.


Ah, the sweet insanity that is Stop Build Day. It’s here! In only a few hours over 3,600 *FIRST *Robotics Competition teams from 28 countries will be bagging their competition robots.

Not sure when exactly you need to bag your competition robot? Check R16 in the Robot Rules section for all the details. And if you need some help finding out what is your local equivalent time of 04:59 UTC, Wednesday, February 21, just add your city in the blue box here.

Is all this effort worth it? I certainly think so.

I leave you with this quote:

“Life is all about resolve. Outcome is secondary.” Waka, from the video game Okami

Good luck!


Frank’s gif game is on point. Also, referencing Okami? Such a good game to play right now to destress after build season.

It’s pronounced gif. :stuck_out_tongue:

Someone’s been playing the HD remake at HQ, it seems.

Jokes on you Frank, we bagged the robot last night already!

Good luck to everyone scrambling to finish up tonight! Time for some well deserved rest.

Happy stop build to all! Hope the robots are cozy in their beds.

Better if it didn’t exist though.