FRC Blog Subforum here on CD?

Hello site moderators. Would it be possible to get an FRC Blog Subforum here on CD, to keep these threads organized and accessible? Currently, they’re lumped into the general forum and get lost amidst the noise. There is so much useful information communicated via official FRC Blog these days, and I would completely miss it if I didn’t see it show up on the CD portal. It would be nice to have one place here on CD where I could go back and look at them all and the discussions on them that follow. Thoughts?

Agreed. For something meant for archival purposes they can really get lost, even with the [FRC Blog] Tag, or worse shuffle other important things down from the general forum.

I would suggest that that subforum be a “default showing” forum (that is, it shows unless the user says it shouldn’t) and that it be under “General”.

I too would likely miss it other than having it show up on CD, so I wonder if FIRST could set up an “alert me” system? Not something for CD mods to worry about, though.

That’s why I use the RSS feed and get notified by Feedly.

We also have an RSS feed of the blog to our general slack channel. We may make it its own separate channel and add other blog posts (spectrum, JVN, other team build blogs, etc).

That is a great idea, I can’t seem to locate the RSS feed link for the FRC Blog. Do you happen to have it?

Twitter is another avenue to get alerted to blog updates. @FRCTeams posts every time there’s a blog update, however it can get lost in the noise, like on CD. They post a lot of other stuff there too.

Edit to add:

Apparently announced in the blog today,

Also, you can get weekly digests of the FRC Blogs. These will include links to the last three FRC blogs we released. And who wouldn’t want that? No one. Exactly no one wouldn’t want that. Sign up here.

We just made a blog post about getting the FRC Blog in the RSS integration for Slack last night.

My team (and university club) also use RSS to our Slack. We get the FRC blog and the TBA blog.

Thanks! Working on setting up our slack right now.