[FRC Blog] Teaser Almost Here and Event Ready???

Teaser Almost Here

Me Trying to Sleep Tonight

Oh, yeah, I’m going to be tossing and turning all night long. It’s almost Teaser Time! Join us on FIRST TV at 7 PM Eastern Time on Tuesday, September 18 for the 2019 season teaser reveal. A good time will be had by all! More info here.

And, breaking news! Join in on the chat at the appropriate time, and you may win your team a National Instruments roboRIO, and maybe some other cool stuff.

Event Ready???
As if you needed another reminder, Event Preferencing opens this Thursday, September 20 at Noon Eastern Time. You can find more details in this blog. A very important point: you have a full week to enter your preferences, and entering your preferences earlier rather than later matters not at all, as long as your preferences are in by the deadline. So you don’t need to rush, but you do need to get it done.

And, as we said here, if your team is ‘Event Ready’ by Noon Eastern Time on September 20, you will be eligible for a chance to receive a free 2019 registration!

More breaking news. We just made it easier for teams to know when they are Event Ready. Go to your dashboard, and look for this:


That all-caps, green ‘Event Ready’ means just what you think it would.

And if you are not Event Ready, that portion of your dashboard will look like this:

I’m very excited for tomorrow!


Actually surprised that it took this long to be posted here, but better late than never.

You better be careful Frank, you keep putting gifs in your blogs and you’ll get banned from CD!

Teaser clip:

Frank uses animated gifs as amplification for his [text] message, not as a replacement for a message.

Which, I think, is how it SHOULD be done. It’s a way of keeping interest high among those who see a wall-o-text and immediately tune out. Well, theoretically it is that, anyways.

Maybe if they put some gifs in the game manual, more people would read it?

(One can hope, anyway.)