[FRC Blog] Teaser, DLC Packs, and Event Registration


You had me at “farm fresh free range organic whole green hot chilies”

Oh, man.

It’s like you walk into the kitchen, and someone has a big ol’ pot of chili cooking, not quite ready, but almost. One whiff and you can say hasta mañana to any free will you thought you had. Of their own volition, your legs walk themselves over, bringing along, just for the ride, your now-useless grey matter and anything else that happens to be attached. And you’re like “I got my spoon right here. Sign me up.”*

That’s where we are with the 2018 FIRST Robotics Competition season teaser. Just a little longer on the stove, and a hint more seasoning, and it will be ready. And it’s going to be one savory dish.

Check it out at 8 PM Eastern time Thursday, September 14th, at any of these links – lots of choices!:

Ooh, and the teaser release would be a great time to have a team get-together with some food. I’m thinking hot chili would pair well with hot teaser.

DLC Packs

Once again this year, we’ll be having Downloadable Content (DLC) packs to go along with the new season. These will be digital items you may find fun and useful. Look for the first DLC to be released next Thursday, September 21st. Unlike most video game DLCs, these will be free! More details later.

Event Registration

Don’t forget; we’re moving to a preference-based event registration system this year. You can find an overview here and you can find the FAQ here.

Early next week, we’ll be coming out with a written guide to assist you in using the new system.

So many exciting things going on!


*Because who doesn’t constantly carry a chili spoon with them? No one I know.

I’ll have to ask Frank if it has his chili spoon on him next time I see him at an event.

Also wouldn’t shock me if some team out there started using them as a “non-powered signalling device” (assuming such a thing exists in the upcoming rules).

I hear he carved it himself, from a BIGGER spoon.

I’m going to dress as The Tick and shadow him while occasionally shouting “Spoooooon!”

Evildoers beware! I shall spread the buttery goodness of my gracious professionalism across the golden toast that is FRC.

So is this death to the corn dog?

That’s what he’d like you to think, but he’ll be reborn in a couple of blogs as the chili corn dog!

I’m not sure how easy it is to get a chilli spoon through customs

Teaser comes out at 8pm. Team 900’s preseason meetings end at 8pm. Coincidence? I think not!

Frank needs to get with the new generation…

A titanium spork is really the only implement you’ll ever need.

Cowboy game? Think Blazing Saddles.


OBTW, I did buy ingredients for homemade chili (no cans at all, and only a few dried ingredients) this evening on the way home from work. (And even though I gave the checker the number, I got green arbols at the price of jalapeños!)

Before we start that I gotta go back and get a crapload of dimes.

Hardly, chili and corn dogs is a classic combination.