[FRC Blog] The 2017 FRC Season Teaser and More!

Start up the rumor mill…

Maybe we’ll have a sci-fi element this year?

Lunacy 2.0?

I believe that this year bring backs the FIRST logo . Pizzas are cut in triangle or into squares. Fried pickle chips are usually round. Makes perfect sense having the logo make it back into the game. Wings are similar to Elipse which could bring footballs or rugby balls as game pieces :slight_smile:

Yep. We’ll be staring at screens instead of the field. (Oops. Already did that in for Stronghold!)

Personally, I think they’ll try and have a Space game without the pitfalls of Lunacy (long before my time, but I’ve heard regolith thrown around.)

Best of luck to Frank and the GDC. Hype boosters now at ~15.01%.

Sci-Fi… Greasy food… Lunacy 2.0?

Pizza and Wings sounds like what I’d order for a sports-watching party. The football game finally arrives?

Also I’m incredibly surprised Frank didn’t include “this is not a game hint” about the sci-fi stuff, so maybe that is a game hint.

Football on Regolith?

The first section, before all the sci-fi stuff, is rather interesting. The header is “The 2017 FRC Season Teaser”, with content “is coming”. It seems to me that the actual teaser might be the words “is coming”. As in “Winter is coming”. Winter = cold = ice… a hockey game! I’m thinking a Lunacy/Breakaway cross… trying to control and shoot a ball, while driving on regolith, without being able to extend past the frame perimeter (except briefly) or draw the ball in past the frame perimeter… that would be some challenge!

The teaser last year was a video, not a hint.

The driver station view window will be completely covered with a black cloth.
You have to use your tablet/computer and rely on your human player to help you score.

So I am thinking its going to be a Wild West game.

How about a holo lens? I believe at some point Microsoft promised something to do with the holo lens for FIRST at the 2015 championships or something like that. Not too sure what they talked about specifically though.

Microsoft, I’m begging you, please have a Hololens for each drive coach… :stuck_out_tongue:

It is all about the Bass

There was a video floating around the internet of one of the Field Crew using a Hololens (not quite sure who, sorry) to monitor field stats like robot comms status & battery for all 6 teams on the field. I can definitely see how it’d be cool / useful.

They will rework the 2005 game and use “Star” objects (really similar to Vex) to fit the sci-fi theme.

It happened at the Gitchi Gummi Get Together last month.

This was exactly it! Thanks so much!