[FRC-Blog] The FRC Season - Past and Future

This was posted on the FRC Blog on Friday, May 1, 2015 - 07:47ET

Taking Some Time for Yourselves

I hope everyone who attended Championship was inspired, had fun, and made some lifelong memories. We know that some things went really well, and some things did not go really well. The survey we recently sent out to all attending teams will let us hear directly from you on what aspects of the event fell into which categories from your perspectives.

Volunteers, Mentors, and Team supporters of all types, I hope you are able to take some time for yourselves soon to reflect on the season and recharge your batteries. I know the FRC season sometimes feels like a marathon, and when it ends you’ve got that list of things to do that have been set aside for several months, but I honestly hope you’re taking some ‘me’ time after all you give to the teams. You certainly deserve it!

**The Future FIRST Championship Roadmap Informational Session **

At the Championship, we held an informational session and Q&A related to the Future FIRST Championship Roadmap. I want to thank everyone who attended for their honest and heartfelt questions. For those who were not able to attend, we have posted the video of that event, along with a transcript of the discussion held there, as well as a copy of the presentation given by Don Bossi, president of FIRST, at the bottom of our FIRST Championship Announcement page here. The survey we sent out in relation to this change closed last night, April 30, and we will share insights from that survey in the coming weeks.

FRC Bad Lip Reading

And finally, a little fun, for those (6?) of you who have not yet seen the FRC Bad Lip Reading video. A big thanks to the FIRSTers who put this together:

James Austin
Brett Heininger
Dan Richardson
Andrew Rudolph
Jason Rudolph
Jeff Taylor

Who doesn’t love Freezy Snacks? Nobody, that’s who. Nobody doesn’t love Freezy Snacks.