[FRC Blog] We Want Game Concepts and FIRST TV


Written by Frank Merrick, Posted 8/07/2018, 9:15AM

** We Want Game Concepts**

Do you have a FIRST Robotics Competition game concept that’s the best idea since grilled cheese?*


Now’s your chance to show it to us! Fill out this concept form (this link will download a word document) and email the completed form to frcteamadvocate@firstinspires.org not later than Wednesday, August 15th. The form should be self-explanatory, but don’t worry about getting everything right. And please keep your submission to one page. You don’t need to go into great detail. Cut to the essence of your idea. Lincoln delivered the Gettysburg Address in only about two minutes. Surely you can say what you need to on one piece of paper.

Hey, maybe get some of your team members together and make this a team submission!

While FIRST staff and some volunteers will also be generating concepts, we’re looking for a high volume of ideas to whittle down to the lucky few that will be added to our ‘bench’ of best game concepts to draw from in the future. The concepts on the bench aren’t designated for specific years; they just give us a head start when it comes time. Also, the concepts you submit do not need to be themed, though it’s fine if they are. We find we can usually modify concepts to fit themes as required.

Good luck! Let’s see those submissions!

The next episode of FIRST TV will be broadcast today, August 7, at 7 PM ET. Tune in here!

I’ll be on again, along with Alex Herreid, FRC Software Engineer. We’ll be talking about the move to virtual fields for kickoff, game concept submissions, my recent trip to the off-season event and China, and who knows, maybe grilled cheese.

Check us out; we’re sure to be having some fun!


  • Mayo or butter? Or, heck, pineapple? Some of you people seem to want to put pineapple everywhere, so why not.


I predict two piles at HQ: Water games, and everything else. Which one do you think will be bigger?




It wouldn’t be FRC without clamoring for water games.


Why do they give deadlines that end before school starts?

Our students talked about different ideas they thought would be fun, but we and many other teams don’t meet during the summer.


The better question is, if these are concepts for future games (IE not this coming season), why put a deadline on it at all? Will it make a difference if they get a submission next week or 3 months from now if they don’t start the next game till April?


Hopefully this means they’re starting the process of planning games earlier than April.


Email and VOIP do exist btw

Sometimes, tasks have deadlines to ensure they are completed in a sufficiently timely fashion. It stinks, but hey, deadlines stink. I doubt they’re actively trying to preclude teams from participating.


One of my team members was on the planning committee. From what she was allowed to tell us they plan much further than a year in advance.


Counter argument: 2017


Ah yes it’s all coming together now :smiley: :yikes: :smiley:


Well, not everywhere. Pearl River County (home of team 1421) started yesterday, Hancock County (home of 7094) started today, and St. Tammany Parish (home of 3946, 1912, 2992, 2221, 6759, 2078) starts Thursday.


We could always revisit the gamedesign conceptsintheold game design forum.


Did somebody say game design ideas?


Or it means its now August, they don’t have a planned game, and are now desperately trying to scramble for ideas. :thinking::thinking::joy::joy:


No - they just want to see if anyone is going to guess this year’s game. :smiley:


Rohit you and I both know from experience that you can design a game in a day if you have to.


Many kids don’t check emails. In my area some don’t have internet. But largest of all is the fact that many folks are just plain too busy during the summer. Especially those with family commitments.

All that said, I don’t see a problem with asking for suggestions. Any amount is better than zero.

New gamepiece:


So, what kind of intake to you recommend? :confused:


I believe it was Frank who noted that they have split the GDC in to two groups. And even and odd group so to speak. So while some were toiling away finalizing the details of Power Up others were already on their way to Deep Space.