[FRC Blog] Woodie Celebration, Religious Exemptions to Championship Assignment, Beta Testing

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Woodie Celebration, Religious Exemptions to Championship Assignment, Beta Testing

2019 NOV 12 | Written by Frank Merrick.

Woodie’s Celebration of Life Reminder

As we said in this blog, teams are invited to participate in person in the Celebration of Life for Woodie on Monday, December 9. Lead Coach/Mentor 1 and 2 received emails last week with invitations to the event. We will not be accepting requests for tickets after midnight ET this Friday, November 15, so please get your requests in soon.

Religious Exemptions to Houston Championship Assignment

As we did last year, we are allowing FIRST Robotics Competition teams to request reassignment from Houston to Detroit if they have a significant religious conflict with the FIRST Championship Houston dates of April 15 – April 18. You may request reassignment to FIRST Championship Detroit in 2020 by sending an email outlining your case in detail to frcteamadvocate@firstinspires.org. We strongly prefer teams attend their assigned FIRST Championship event out of fairness and to keep assignments balanced. Because of this, teams requesting reassignment must make an extraordinarily compelling case, and few requests will be granted. Your case can be strengthened greatly by providing documentation from your school or other host organization, on letterhead, and with the signature of an official, indicating the entire team will not be allowed to travel to FIRST Championship Houston because of a religious conflict.

The deadline for submitting requests is January 27, 2020, at 5 PM Eastern Time. This is before all teams, except pre-qualified teams, know with certainty that they will be invited to the Championship. If your team will be unable to attend FIRST Houston Championship for religious reasons because of the dates, and your team wishes to request an exemption, your team must request to do so before the deadline of January 27. Late requests will not be accepted.

Beta Testing

Beta testing for the 2020 Control System is well underway. A huge thanks to the teams selected this year to participate!


116 Epsilon Delta Herndon VA USA
302 The Dragons Lake Orion MI USA
900 The Zebracorns Durham NC USA
971 Spartan Robotics Mountain View CA USA
1511 Rolling Thunder Penfield NY USA
1831 Screaming Eagles Gilford NH USA
2135 Presentation Invasion San Jose CA USA
2170 Titanium Tomahawks Glastonbury CT USA
2367 Lancer Robotics Mountain View CA USA
2481 Roboteers Tremont IL USA
2714 BBQ Plano TX USA
3229 Hawktimus Prime Holly Springs NC USA
3538 RoboJackets Auburn Hills MI USA
4118 Roaring Riptide Gainesville FL USA
4143 MARS WARS Metamora IL USA
7433 Iona Fusion Port Macquarie NSW Australia


11 MORT Flanders NJ USA
217 ThunderChickens Sterling Heights MI USA
538 Dragon Slayers Arab AL USA
540 TALON 540 Henrico VA USA
604 Quixilver San Jose CA USA
694 StuyPulse New York NY USA
914 Flashpoint Toronto ON Canada
1306 BadgerBOTS Middleton WI USA
1519 Mechanical Mayhem Milford NH USA
1912 Team Combustion Slidell LA USA
2152 SMASH Volusia County FL USA
2177 The Robettes Mendota Heights MN USA
2910 Jack in the Bot Mill Creek WA USA
2974 Walton Robotics Marietta GA USA
3128 Aluminum Narwhals San Diego CA USA
3966 L&N STEMpunks Knoxville TN USA
4414 HighTide Ventura CA USA
4930 Electric Mayhem Buffalo NY USA
4990 Gryphon Robotics Hillsborough CA USA
5190 Green Hope Falcons Cary NC USA
5940 BREAD Belmont CA USA
6300 Northwood School Robotics Lake Placid NY USA
7028 Binary Battalion St. Michael MN USA
7068 Mechanical Masterminds Saint Francis MN USA
8027 Not The Droids You Are Looking For Pittsburgh/Sharon PA USA


56 R.O.B.B.E Bound Brook NJ USA
358 Robotic Eagles Hauppauge NY USA
585 Cyber Penguins Tehachapi CA USA
624 Cryptonite Katy TX USA
1108 Panther Robotics Paola KS USA
1718 The Fighting Pi Armada MI USA
2344 Saunders Droid Factory Yonkers NY USA
2468 Team Appreciate Austin TX USA
2614 Mountaineer Area Robotics (MARS) Morgantown WV USA
4153 Project Y Los Alamos NM USA
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Here’s to hoping this year’s approval process will be more transparent and reasonable. I know of multiple teams that submitted in depth documentation of their (valid religious) reasons for requesting a switch from their school or parent organization but the need was not accommodated. These teams did not hear why their request was denied, making the process for this year all the more confusing for those who need it.


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