FRC Blogged - 2013 Manual Decryption Test

Taken from the FRC Blog, 12/31/12:

Blog Date: Monday, December 31, 2012 - 12:25
Want to make sure you will be able to decrypt the 2013 FRC Game Manual at the appropriate time?

Follow the instructions here:

The encrypted 2013 FRC Game Manual itself will be posted Wednesday, January 2nd.

I’ll blog again soon.


Does anyone know if it has been put up yet?

I’ve looked and so far it has not been posted yet.

I’ve been checking through out the day, and as of a few minutes ago, the game manual is not up. I have a feeling that they are going to wait until the last minute of today to post it. (IT IS encrypted, so it’s only going up to relieve some of the DL pressure the hosting server will see when everyone tries to get it at the same time)…I’m just hoping there are less issues with this than there were with FIRST Choice…

I want to see what is in the kit of parts

This is definitely going to be my most wanted thing today.

It has been posted and it is encrypted

Is it just me or is it missing some of the regular sections (The Tournament, The Robot) in addition to The Game? I remember last year they released the encrypted manual in 5 parts. Maybe another simplification?

It could be a simplification in that the PDFs they’re giving us is just the whole manual as one document. I, for one, hated having it in 5 different documents.

I guess streamlining would have been the better word. They probably have them all inside that one pdf given that it’s 4.7 mb. For comparison all parts combined of last years encrypted manual were 2.99 mb. Fingers crossed for the return of the glossary!

I am still only seeing the old game manual placeholder (the blank two pages).


No, and nobody will until the end of the Kickoff webcast.

Thank you.

FIRST has used the title “Game” for two separate things for a couple of years now. Take a look at last year’s archived documentation.. There is a section titled “The Game”, but that section, along with others, is in the “Game Manual” section.

The items FIRST previously released for this year are all part of the Administrative Manual. This lets them easily separate administrative stuff from that stuff that tells us how to build the robot.

This is true but last year instead of releasing a consolidated PDF as the encrypted manual, FIRST released each section (ie The Game, The Tournament, The Robot, etc…) separately encrypted. It was annoying and I’m glad they’re sending out the consolidated version this year. I only remember this because I still have all of the encrypted files from last year sitting on my hard drive.

I remember this too. It was incredibly frustrating.