FRC Blogged - FIRST Choice: Opening Postponed

Posted on the FRC Blog, 12/14/13:

**FIRST Choice: Opening Postponed
**Blog Date: **Saturday, December 14, 2013 - 13:58

From our Kit of Parts Team, Kate Pilotte & Collin Fultz:

As many of you are already aware, there was a critical technical issue with the *FIRST *Choice site]( today that crashed the site. The result was that all users were unable to access the site and place their orders.

The root cause of the issue has yet to be identified, but the service provider has confirmed that some change was made within the last 24 hours that broke the site. They have reverted the site to a known good state, and it will be re-tested this afternoon. More work will be done to identify the exact cause.

As a result of this issue, *FIRST *and AndyMark have agreed to postpone the opening of *FIRST *Choice until tomorrow, 12/15/13, 3pm Eastern. We believe this is the most appropriate course of action because it gives a conservative amount of time for testing, allows customers to get on with their day, and gives a generous window of time for us to get this message out to all of you.

The expiration time/date for the 3D Printer lottery will also be adjusted and is now Tuesday, 12/17/14, 8am.

On behalf of *FIRST *and AndyMark, we’re very sorry for the frustration and inconvenience this has caused. We are grateful for for your patience and your understanding. We know the time, energy, and resources you put in to FIRST; you deserve service that reflects that.

Tuesday, 12/17/14

Again with the date typos.

Give Kate/Collin a break! In the minds of FRC staffers, we are in the 2014 season now.

HQ and AM will get this fixed, soon, as Kate/Collin said. The rest of us need to chill.

I can only imagine the absolute panic at AM and FIRST when the server crashed hard. :ahh:
And on a Saturday, too.

Great recovery and move to Plan B. I definitely would have preferred that everything worked OK today (duh) but the alternative is not that bad.

Still better than last year :slight_smile:

Update posted in the FRC Blog Post:

UPDATE 12/16/13: The *FIRST *Choice site is still under construction and is not yet ready for traffic. We’re so sorry for this massive inconvenience. We’ll post the new opening time with at least 24 hours of notice.