FRC Blogged- FIRST Future Innovator Award

Posted on the blog today:

The FIRST Future Innovator Award (FFIA) opens today at Noon, EST. Entries must be submitted via the FFIA portal, . More information regarding the FIRST Future Innovator Award can be found at Dean personally chooses the winner from the top submissions. We had lots of great submissions last year, we hope to see more of the same for 2013!

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If there are any questions about the award, post them up here and I will answer them. I am one of the creators of the award.


Hi, I was wondering what I am supposed to do if there were a few inventors outside of FIRST? Do I put them under inventors?

Thanks for your help.

Yes, you can list them as inventors on the application form.

Only a little over a week left to submit your great ideas for this award.