FRC Blogged-FRC Needs Team T-Shirts for the Kickoff Videos

The FRC Engineering staff had a great idea. Instead of the FRC staff wearing traditional FRC shirts-and-khakis for the Kickoff videos they’ll be filming, how about if we ask teams to send in their t-shirts for the staff to wear?

Sounds good to me! Here’s the deal: if you’re interested, please send us your team t-shirts. We need Small, Medium, Large, and Extra-Larger sizes, with more of the larger sizes being needed than smaller ones. We will randomly pick from those we receive and wear those for the Kickoff taping we’ll be doing soon. If you send in a wider variety of sizes, your shirt will be more likely to be picked, but please don’t send in more than one of each size. With luck, your team t-shirt may show up during the Kickoff broadcast! How exciting would that be? One word, all caps: WICKED.

Send your team t-shirts to:

Attn: Collin Fultz


200 Bedford Street

Manchester, NH 03101

We need to receive those t-shirts by December 4th, so please get packing!

Quick Note: T-shirts won’t be returned.

Another Quick Note: Nothing in* this *blog should be interpreted as a game hint.


Cool idea. And our first hint of a hint!

Nothing should be interpreted, but it still could be interpreted.

Last year, the Rick Astley hints said ‘never going to give up’, which became the flying discs that once scored didn’t return to play. The shirts also won’t return to play. Clearly the same scoring paradigm will be in place (not that it tells us much).

I’m gonna say 3 alliances with the 3rd one being Green, based off that WICKED comment.

Another Quick Note: Nothing in this blog should be interpreted as a game hint.

Note the italics. It’s a hint! The formatting is a hint! :smiley:

This is a really cool idea! I’m curious to see how many will submit T-shirts.

“We need Small, Medium, Large, and Extra-Larger sizes.”

This obviously means that there will be different size fields (depending on the venue).

FIRST is based in New Hampshire, where ‘wicked’ is just a term thrown in for added pizazz. “Wicked Awesome!” etc.

I’m not sure if they’re going to be doing this - but in the past, any shirts sent to FIRST place get put up on the office walls/people’s cubes/on display at FIRST Place. I’m guessing that since they plan on keeping the shirts, they’ll find a home somewhere on the walls even if they don’t make it into the broadcast.

"We need Small, Medium, Large, and Extra-Larger sizes, with more of the larger sizes being needed than smaller ones. "…“but please don’t send in more than one of each size”
wait what…

Also, “blog” is the term for the entire site of which each individual entry is a “blog post” so technically he said that nothing on is a game hint :ahh:

But seriously, the only “hint” we can actually get from this post is that the kickoff will not be live for yet another year.

FIRST wants more shirts overall in XL or L, probably because there is(if I’m not mistake ) more males than females on the FRC staff, or at least the ones that generally appear in kickoff

Clearly, the FIRST staff are hinting that we’re going to Simulation Mode this year.

I suppose it was about time they started getting in our heads.

Sigh, I guess I’ll be digging through the FIRST media outlets for obscure double-meanings…

But really, this t-shirt thing is cool.

Maybe it’s a game hint that they won’t be wearing their FRC shirts, or what they do with the shirts during the video?

FIRST has a thing for game objects flying. Obviously a T-Shirt cannon game :wink:

But anyway, I wonder what they’re going to do with the shirts since they’re not going to be returned. Largest FRC shirt quilt ever?

That’ll make a lot of money at the IRI Charity Auction! :yikes:

WICKED = play about witches = brooms = the game will be called, “Clean Sweep”.

Also, robots will have to sing for points.

One of the more elaborate and nuanced ways for Collin (or Frank?) to score a Simbotics shirt, but you can’t fault the guy for tryin’

Now all I can think about is how to make a robot play Quidditch.

Game piece collection.

italics = Italy = pizza game

“…We need Small, Medium, Large, and Extra-Larger sizes, with more of the larger sizes being needed than smaller ones…”

Significance in the comparative form used only for extra large®…

72" perimeter this year!!!

Italy = Venice = Canals = …