FRC Blogged - Information for 2013 - the What, When, Where & How

Taken from the FRC Blog, 1/2/2013:

**Blog Date: **Wednesday, January 2, 2013 - 16:58

With Kickoff only a few days away, we’re going post a good deal of information and documentation to help you hit the ground running. We recommend you download everything you need ahead of time to 1) beat the rush and help us even out the load on servers and 2) have what you need ready to go on Saturday when/where you may not have internet access.

Below is a quick summary of what will be available, when it will be available, where you can get it, and how it will be shared.

Available Now

Available TBD

  • 2013 Classmate Image Files (Intel): Exact go-live date/time for 2013 material is TBD. The intent is to make it available before Kickoff. We will be posting independent images for E09, E11, & 12 versions. [Unencrypted]

Available January 3

Available January 5

For the encrypted files, the decryption code (it’s the same code for all encrypted files) will be disclosed at the end of the Kickoff broadcast. Meanwhile, we recommend you bookmark the FRC Technical Resources page where all of these links (and others to information already posted) will also be available.

**EDIT: **There was an error in this blog post. Please see the correction here.

As having to reset a bridge many times, often trying to do it from memorization, I am overjoyed that FIRST has finally released the bridge configuration utility for public use.

Also, hopefully this 2nd round of FIRST Choice will go much better.

Looks like the Kinect will be in this game.

2013 Driver Station Application (National Instruments): This is only needed by teams using LabVIEW and will be unencrypted immediately after Kickoff. Currently links to 2012 information, will change over to 2013 information once files are posted January 3.

Why do only the LabVIEW teams need the driver station? I think it’s a typo.

You can ask them directly if it is a typo by commenting on the official blog post.

The labview updates all point to the 2012 versions, anybody else seeing this?
Edit: Nevermind, it says it will change on January 3rd. I probably should have read… ::rtm::

I have zipped up all the files (manual, field information, checklists) and zipped them up. I’ve hosted them on Dropbox and Google Drive for convenience.

Dropbox: Click Here
Google Drive: Click Here


  • Sunny G.

Looks like LabView has a robot simulator inside of it this year… Interesting.

This AND Catalyst 2013? I think planning and making bot decisions will be quite simple this year…


You rock man!


Check the Beta test link in my signature for more info on the simulator.

Ahhhhh I see it! So are the field objects modifiable? Or are they set by NI?

They did say that the kinect would be back in the FRC live videos. No one believed me… :stuck_out_tongue:

I also recall Woodie Flowers mentioning that we should all “Brush-up on our Kinect skills in the off-season” or something along those lines at Championships.

Realistically, what prevents them from releasing all of this now?

I mean seriously, it’s really really annoying to have to learn the specifics of the new library every year after kickoff, and beta teams already have it, so why can’t we have it too?

Now does any one know if kick off is pre-recorded this year? Like it was last year?

I know this is a little off topic but it seemed like the best place to put the question/ I didn’t want to start a new thread.

Ooh! Yes, I was wondering about that. I hope it isn’t. I liked it when it was live. But then, I’m a bit nostalgic.

Considering the kickoff workshops are going to be pre-recorded and they have said nothing about kickoff itself being any different than last year (that I’ve seen, but it’s hard to keep track with all these ‘official’ sources), I’m going to bet that kickoff will be pre-recorded.

I don’t see why not.

And I don’t see why it matters to anyone except for the comparatively small number of people who end up traveling to NH for the kickoff.

  • Sunny G.

If there is a full field set up there, which there commonly is, those in attendance get to examine it in much detail (measure objects, etc.)