FRC Blogged-Information for 2014: The What, When, Where, and How

We have all our encrypted stuff, and you can already start installing labview!


Blog Date:
Thursday, January 2, 2014 - 15:04
With Kickoff only a few days away, we’re going post a good deal of information and documentation to help you hit the ground running. We recommend you download everything you need ahead of time to 1) beat the rush and help us even out the load on servers and 2) have what you need ready to go on Saturday when/where you may not have internet access.

Below is a quick summary of what will be available, when it will be available, where you can get it, and how it will be shared. All files will be posted unencrypted immediately following Kickoff.

In order to be sure that you have the capability to decrypt the files at the appropriate time, a test file and instructions are available at

Available Now

  • 2014 Game Manual(FRC Manual page): The manual will be unencrypted immediately after Kickoff. The encryption password will also be released at Kickoff. [Encrypted]
  • 2014 Field Drawings (FRC Manual page): These drawings are included on the Manual page as “Supplemental Documentation” and will be unencrypted immediately after Kickoff. [Encrypted]
  • 2014 Team Version Drawings (FRC Manual page): These drawings are included on the Manual page as “Supplemental Documentation” and will be unencrypted immediately after Kickoff. [Encrypted]
  • 2014 Kickoff Kit Checklists(FRC Kit of Parts page): Checklists will be unencrypted immediately after Kickoff. [Encrypted]
  • 2014 Classmate Image Files (Intel): More information is available on theFRC Control System Resources page. These files will be posted approximately 8 PM eastern 1/2/14. [Unencrypted]
  • 2014 NI FRC Update (National Instruments): This will be available tomorrow (1/3/14) morning. This is needed by all teams, regardless of which language you use to program your robot, and will be unencrypted immediately after Kickoff. It includes the Driver Station, Utilities (including cRIO Imaging Tool and Bridge Configuration Utility) and language update for LabVIEW. [Encrypted]
  • National Instruments LabVIEW DVD : This is the contents of the 2014 NI DVD which will be included in the Kit of Parts (KOP). Teams can download and install the software starting now, but will need the serial number included with the KOP to activate the software. [Unencrypted]
  • 2014 Development Environment Installation Instructions (WPI Lib ScreenSteps page): This site has additional control system information, but these instructions are particularly helpful for getting started. [Unencrypted]
  • 2014 C++ Software Updates(WPI Lib First Forge page): This is only needed by teams programming their robots with C++ and will be unencrypted immediately after Kickoff. [Encrypted]
  • 2014 Java Software Updates (WPI Lib First Forge page): This is only needed by teams programming their robots with Java and will be unencrypted immediately after Kickoff. [Encrypted]

Available January 4

  • 2014 Field Tour Videos(FRC’s YouTube Channel) [Unencrypted]
  • Additional 450 FIRST Choice credits assigned (FIRST Choice page): Credits will be assigned at 4pm ET on January 4.
  • 2014 Q&A (FRC Q&A page): FIRST asks that teams use the Question & Answer System (Q&A) to post questions pertaining to a specific section within the 2014 FRC Game Manual beginning January 8, 2014. Your posted questions will be reviewed by the appropriate moderator and answered in a timely manner (usually within 2-3 business days). Before posting a question on the Q&A System, we encourage teams to look for the answers to questions first within the 2013 FRC Game Manual and Team Updates. [Unencrypted]
  • 2014 Replacement Parts Reporting (TIMS): Replacement Parts must be reported by the time the system closes at noon Eastern on January 10.
  • 2014 Robot Quick-Build Instructions(FRC Technical Resources page): These are the documents given to Robot Quick Build Sessions hosted after Kickoff.

For the encrypted files, the decryption code (it’s the same code for all encrypted files) will be disclosed at the end of the Kickoff broadcast. Meanwhile, we recommend you bookmark the FRC Technical Resources, FRC Control System Hardware Resources, and FRC Software Resources page where all of these links (and others to information already posted) will also be available.

Wow. I’m so happy, along with many other people that they are releasing the 2014 labview DVD early. Thats going to make our lives alot easier, because I can do all the labview installs tonight.

FIRST generally doesn’t like it when outside people host their files. People can download them now from FIRST’s website.

Did I miss something where email notifications to main and alternate contacts are no longer happening? Do I have to get twitter or be more religious about checking the blog?

I’ve set my account up that I get email blasts like main and alternate contacts. I have yet to receive an email about this particular blog, but got word of the encrypted manual (and other resources) via @FRCTeams. I think the big deal here that this is the blog, not an email blast.

Does anyone else see that the files for the E12 classmate are different in the deployment list than what are in the “what version to use” table?

I can’t remember from last year, so maybe somebody can fill me in on how this works: Is there an encrypted version of the manual on the iOS app? I can’t find any place to put the password in. It would be helpful for me to not have to use my bulky laptop when looking up rules at the Manchester kickoff, and I won’t have internet to update the app on my iPad to get the manual.

Unfortunately, I believe the manual app requires connection to the internet. But any PDF reader should allow you to view the manual on your iPAd

My plan is to read the rulebook on the way home and figure out rules with kids. Check out the field, get some measurements, shake hands with people.

You should be able to save the encrypted manual on an iOS device by opening the PDF in iBooks.

**Encrypted **PDFs of the Game Manual, Field Drawings and other game-related documents have been posted here! :eek:

Happy guessing!

Already posted here! Please search before you post! ::rtm::

Mods, this thread can be closed/deleted. :slight_smile:

Thanks! I couldn’t find a thread that had been started, guess I searched incorrectly :rolleyes:

Please close this thread, mods!

Looks like each file is a 128-bit AES Encryption, if that helps anyone!

Just bumping this, FIRST just announced that the manual posted yesterday had a typo, so they’ve already released Rev B of it. Here’s the new download

What is this “Robot quick build instructions?” Is it just for building the kitbot frame?

Many local kickoffs have “Quick Builds” to get rookies up and running with a drivebase(control systems included). These are official FIRST instructions on all of this.

anyone missing the WindRiver DVD this year? Am I blind? probably, but need help! thanks in advance,

Wish list for next year: please have a common serial number for Labview. Several teams at our RQBS couldn’t find their serial number. Last year it was easy since everyone had the same serial number. This year, not so much.

So we didn’t get an NI DVD in the 2015 KOP. Are we supposed to use last year’s for the serial number? Is it the same?