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Posted on the FRC Blog, 9/27/13:

Registration, Beta Test and Frank Answers Fridays

**Blog Date: **
Friday, September 27, 2013 - 14:11


As of midnight last night, we had 1,565 teams registered for their first event. This is a 24% increase from the same time last year, and that’s good news.

Some of you have noted that the opening of registration went very smoothly this year. The FIRST IT department made several changes to equipment and software, and did substantial testing, to help ensure teams experienced minimal delay. I was told what the changes were, but honestly didn’t understand all the terms being used. (What exactly is an ambiphasient lunar wane shaft?) However, I was in IT Mission Control, where registration was being monitored, when things kicked off, and there was much pizza being eaten and many happy noises being made, so things looked good on our side too!
Frank looking at registration numbers
[The FRC Director (on left, with bald spot) stares uncomprehendingly at a monitor while happy IT folks (out of shot) sing, eat pizza, and Morris dance.]

**Beta Test **

The 2014 Beta Test teams have been selected. Congratulations to the teams below! These teams will be helping the FRC Control System team review the software libraries and build new code to share with all teams. Beta testing the changes for 2014 is a key part of the FRC Control System development cycle, and we thank these teams in advance for all of their help!

Some of the items Beta teams will be asked to test include:

  • New installation bundles for the Driver Station, NI Utilities, and LabVIEW Update
  • New features of the Driver Station including:
  • Improved setting and checking network settings
  • A display for WPILib version number on the code running on the robot
  • New features of the Smart Dashboard including a record/playback feature to record video and dashboard variables to a file and play them back onto the dashboard later.
  • A new, reformatted version of the LabVIEW Dashboard which also includes record/playback.
  • Bug fixes and improvements to C++ and Java libraries including Network Tables, Serial Port, I2C, Gyro, Encoder, Counter, Button, SPI and more.

All FRC teams will be able to communicate with the Beta Test teams on the forums.

**Testing Java:

Team # Team Nickname City State Country**

  1. 11 MORT Mt. Olive NJ USA
  2. 254 The Cheesy Poofs San Jose CA USA
  3. 340 Greater Rochester Robotics Rochester NY USA
  4. 694 StuyPulse New York NY USA
  5. 868 TechHOUNDS Carmel IN USA
  6. 1241 THEORY6 Mississauga ON Canada
  7. 1245 MoHi Shazbots Louisville CO USA
  8. 1533 Triple Strange Greensboro NC USA
  9. 1711 The RAPTORS Traverse City MI USA
  10. 1772 The Brazilian Trail Blazers Gravatai RS Brazil
  11. 2601 Steel Hawks Queens NY USA
  12. 2648 Infinite Loop Oakland ME USA
  13. 2713 iRaiders Melrose MA USA
  14. 2974 Walton Robotics Marietta GA USA
  15. 3018 Nordic Storm St. Peter MN USA
  16. 3310 Black Hawk Robotics Heath TX USA
  17. 3506 YETI Charlotte NC USA 3528
  18. Up Next Kansas City MO USA
  19. 3847 Spectrum Houston TX USA
  20. 4579 RoboEagles Federal Way WA USA

**Testing LabVIEW:

Team # Team Nickname City State Country

  1. 115 MVRT Cupertino CA USA
  2. 359 Hawaiian Kids Waialua HI USA
  3. 624 CRyptonite Katy TX USA
  4. 1038 Lakota Robotics Liberty Township OH USA
  5. 1071 Team Max Wolcott CT USA
  6. 1225 Gorillas Hendersonville NC USA
  7. 1912 Team Combustion Slidell LA USA
  8. 2283 Panteras Mexico City D.F. Mexico
  9. 2341 Sprockets Shawnee OK USA
  10. 2486 CocoNuts Flagstaff AZ USA
  11. 2600 Falcons Oak Ridge NJ USA
  12. 2614 MARS Morgantown WV USA
  13. 2990 Hotwire Aumsville OR USA
  14. 3009 High Scalers Boulder City NV USA
  15. 3211 The Y Team Yeruham Southern Israel
  16. 3288 Punchers Big Piney WY USA
  17. 4004 MARS Rovers Muskegon MI USA
  18. 4050 4-H Biohazard Chambersburg PA USA
  19. 4265 Secret City Wildbots Oak Ridge TN USA
  20. 4400 Cerbotics Torreon Coah. Mexico

**Testing C/C++:

Team # Team Nickname City State Country

  1. 156 RPM - Robotics Plus Mayhem Fairview PA USA
  2. 288 288 RoboDawgs / 216 More RoboDawgs / 244 RoboDawgs 3D Grandville MI USA
  3. 422 The Mech Tech Dragons Richmond VA USA
  4. 1511 Rolling Thunder Rochester NY USA
  5. 1741 Red Alert Robotics Greenwood IN USA
  6. 1816 The Green Machine Edina MN USA
  7. 2135 Presentation Invasion San Jose CA USA
  8. 2175 The Fighting Calculators Woodbury MN USA
  9. 3081 Kennedy RoboEagles Bloomington MN USA
  10. 3318 GSMST Robodragons Lawrenceville GA USA
  11. 3322 Eagle Imperium Ann Arbor MI USA
  12. 3324 Metrobots Columbus OH USA
  13. 3481 Bronc Botz Helotes TX USA
  14. 3547 Virus Monroe MI USA
  15. 4069 Lo-Ellen Robotics Sudbury ON Canada
  16. 4452 First Noble Team Seneca SC USA
  17. 4454 Rocketeers Philadelphia PA USA
  18. 4470 TiGears Placentia CA USA
  19. 4774 LAN Downunder Sydney NSW Australia
  20. 4786 Nicolet F.E.A.R. Glendale WI USA

Frank Answers Fridays

I don’t have a ‘Frank Answers Fridays’ this week. Plenty of good questions still in the hopper (keep them coming!), but I have other tasks vying for my attention today. We’ll have one next week.

I’ll blog again soon.


Stupid tables…congrats to all of the 2014 Beta Test Teams though! :smiley:

Beta testing will be fun! Can’t wait to see the results!