FRC Blogged - Team Counts and KoP Early Option Details

Posted to the FRC Blog today:

We’re currently at 2,328 teams registered for events, and several dozen waitlisted for events. This means we’ve already exceeded our total team count from last year! It’s shaping up to be an exciting season.

KoP Early Option – More Details

Some commenters have asked good questions on my post regarding the Early Option. Here are a few more details:

  • Teams will be able to place multiple orders in FIRST Choice, limited only by how many FIRST Credits they have available and component availability. So, a team could use some of their credits before Kickoff, some after. Keep in mind teams pay for shipping.

  • Some items in FIRST Choice will be ‘blacked out’ until after Kickoff, because they are game-related. You won’t be able to order these items until after Kickoff

  • As I noted in this blog:, IFI is generously donating 2 Victors and 1 Jaguar for each Rookie Kickoff Kit, and a motor controller Product Donation Voucher for two motor controllers to all teams for the 2013 season. Veteran teams will not be receiving any IFI motor controllers as part of the Kickoff Kit, but now have the option of choosing Victors or Jaguars with their PDV.

  • Early ordering is available only to teams who have registered and paid for their first event. This is the same payment that would allow you to get your kit in the first place. Payment for additional events you may have signed up for is not required to get access to the kit, or this early ordering option.

  • It’s safe to assume that if you see a robot component in FIRST Choice when it opens for “window shopping” on November 12th, it will be legal for teams to use in the 2013 season. Please don’t go all ‘lawyer’ on me with this one. Use good judgment. If you see a plasma cutter available in FIRST Choice, you should not think you’ll be able to put it on your robot. (Spoiler: There will be no plasma cutters available in FIRST Choice).

I’ll blog again soon.


Woo-hoo! Three weeks to fantasize about the FC goodies!

Bummer about the plasma cutters, though.:rolleyes:

Oh Frank, why are you so funny? You know us all too well…

(Spoiler: There will be no plasma cutters available in FIRST Choice).

Darn! What are we supposed to use to boil the water in this year’s water game, then? :smiley:

There are no plasma cutters in FIRST choice but instead this is a hint it would be in the KoP! Best KoP ever.

Plasma is a state of matter. There are four states of matter, therefore four game pieces. One’s a solid, there’s plasma, a gas, and then a liquid.


Still, it’s going to be great to have a sneak peak of what’s legal. Especially after looking at Ether’s data, I’m hopeing we see a Talon on FIRST Choice!