FRC Blogged - Week 1 and What…No Hugs?

Taken from the FRC Blog, 3/6/13:

Week 1 and What…No Hugs?

**Blog Date: **Wednesday, March 6, 2013 - 11:58

Photo by © 2013, courtesy of BAE Systems

Week 1

I hope that teams who attended Week 1 events had a great experience. I was at the BAE Systems Granite State Regional, and had a chance to see some wonderful robots and really exciting matches. This week, barring bad weather, I’m planning to go to Duluth, MN for the Lake Superior & Northern Lights Regionals.

Unfortunately, not all was perfect last weekend. We found a bug in the C++ SmartDashboard implementation, and rolled out an update to fix the issue as soon as we could to the events that were affected. You can find more information in yesterday’s Team Update ( 96). Also, we recognize the frustration the automated scoring system is causing, and have some tweaks we’ll be rolling out for Week 2 that should make things better.

What…No Hugs?

Photo by © 2013, courtesy of BAE Systems

I’ve seen some of the chatter on Chief Delphi. The note in yesterday’s update about team members lifting other team members, leading to a yellow cards, was made in response to an issue from at least one event over the weekend. In this incident, team members were climbing onto each others‘ backs and shoulders to gain a better vantage point for throwing discs during the last 30 seconds of a match. The note was not intended to stop hugs or celebratory lifts – in fact, we love hugs! As long as they are safe, and, of course, everyone involved in the hug is a willing participant.

Note to self: Add CELEBRATORY LIFT to the glossary in the 2014 rules.

I’ll blog again soon.


For those of you worried about hugs…

Good for Frank for keeping up with CD. I was pretty confident hugs wouldn’t be banned.

Frank, if you’re reading this, thanks :slight_smile:

+1 for finding that pic

This is awesome of them to respond to criticism, no matter how funny it sounds (no hugs - really?).

This is probably one of the funnier blog entries I’ve ever read. Frank really knows how to take criticism well and respond in a way that is both informative and …interesting. Love it.

Well that’s good. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who read that update as the typical jumping into your teammate’s arms celebration.

Thanks for the quick response Frank! That thread didn’t even make it to 10 posts before the blog entry.

Is that an old school Thrustmaster Joystick in the first photo? Ah, the days of Falcon 3.0.