FRC Build Season 2022 Podcast Schedule - Kettering University's Go Pro Corner

Kettering University has put together an informational series of FRC build season topics to align with the build season. Join us as our guests provide useful tips and insight that can help all teams succeed! Each topic will be live streamed and recorded for future viewing.

FRC Build Season Podcast Schedule - Go Pro Corner - Weekly at 5:00 pm (Eastern Time)

January 5: FRC Design/Build Timeline with Hall of Fame Team 27 RUSH (MI)
January 12: DOUBLE HEADER - Ri3d What Did We Learn? with Kettering University Ri3d team members Nick L. and Kirsten S. and Strategy for the 2022 Rapid React Game with Team 2337 EngiNERDs, Clinton Bolinger (MI)
January 19: FRC Design Process with Team 148 Robowranglers (TX)
January 26: Chairman’s Award Process with Hall of Fame Team 503 Frog Force (MI)
February 2: Everybot with Team TBD
February 9: FRC Manipulators for 2022 Game with Team 3847 Spectrum (TX)
February 16: Prepping for your first 2022 Competition with Team TBD

After the build season, Go Pro Corner will review various competitions to share what was learned and look ahead toward upcoming events to anticipate changes. We will share those dates and the guests in February.


Can not wait to do all these interviews. If there are any questions you would like asked during any of the interviews please message me directly and I will get them asked!

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