FRC CAD Collection - Spectrum 3847

I posted this in another thread but thought it deserved it’s own thread so it’s easier to find.

We started putting together an FRC CAD collection this year - - It has over 375 links to FRC robot CAD files from many teams. We wanted something to be able to find robots from different seasons and from different teams.

Please submit CAD links using this form- 2

We know there are other paths for a similar resource to exist and this is far from the best way but it’s a start. Getting many of these links on to TBA is also a good idea.


Great idea. Just mentioned it in TBA Slack. I’ll report back if and when this gets done.

Great resource, thanks!

Amazing. Thanks @AllenGregoryIV!

Absolutely loving this! Thanks for putting this together.

As awesome as this resource is, I wish there were more entries on the list! Some notable team numbers are missing. Not only is sharing CAD a rules requirement if teams plan to re-use any designs, but it is an easy way to inspire and educate the broader robotics community. Lets go teams, pony up!


Just bumping to encourage more people to submit. This is too good of a resource for people to forget.


Thank you to everyone that has submitted additional links to the CAD Collection. We are now north of 400 links. Please continue to submit CAD links using this form- 2

We have had new submissions from these teams

  • 48
  • 238
  • 900
  • 1072
  • 1241
  • 1745
  • 1787
  • 1982
  • 2220
  • 2363
  • 3476
  • 5012
  • 5406
  • 6657

How far back are you interested in? A little while ago, our team managed to dig up a case of floppy disks from around 2000 with CAD and other media on them.


I’m sure some people would be interested in those, feel free to add them.

Do you have a floppy drive to read them with? Are they in a format that’s still readable? I’d be curious just to see them, even though I don’t know how much value they truly have.

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Our school doesn’t have any computers with floppy drives anymore, but my grandma does. The disks were labeled solidworks, so there was probably a solidworks install disk from the KOP included. If not I’ll just have to hope Inventor’s importer can read them :crossed_fingers:.

Just submitted the following:

Year Team Type
2007 118 Comp
2012 973 Comp
2013 973 Comp
2014 148 Offseason
2014 1425 Comp
2016 1425 Comp
2016 4001 Comp
2016 4143 Comp
2017 2848 Comp
2018 1533 Swerve Module

Also, I have 3132’s CAD from 2018, but can’t figure out where I got it from. Can’t find a link anywhere.


Since my last update we have added CAD from the following teams. Please continue to submit links here - - and thank you to everyone that has helped make this collection larger.



Are all of those links connected to The Blue Alliance?

No they aren’t, if someone wants to figure out how to do that, I think that would be great.

We’ve talked about it and someone would need to write a script to do it automatically. If anyone is interested in starting that project, you’re more than welcome to try it.

@AllenGregoryIV Many years ago now, FRC Designs combined with The Blue Alliance to create The Blue Alliance Design Hub on GrabCAD. There are 121 CAD models on the site. You are welcome to use these resources (or link to them) as you wish.

The Blue Alliance Design Hub:

I think I have most of those robots linked into the collection. I am a big fan of the design hub and FRC Designs but it’s harder and harder to get teams to put their CAD all in the same place so just having a document with links seemed like the easiest option.

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Just added 4611’s 2018 model, I’ll look into adding 2019 once GrabCAD fully supports Solidworks 2019. Our 2018 CAD is pretty messy, but it’s all in there.

You can add it to grabCAD now, teams will just have to download the files. Adding a STEP or IGES file is also useful for teams that don’t use Solidworks.