FRC CAD Library with legacy parts


Hi -
I am a new mentor working with Team Entropy in Amherst, NH. The team has a collection of items that span many seasons and I am trying to obtain CAD models for some of the older items. I am currently searching for a model of the Power Distribution Board that was used around 2014 - its blue. I have looked at both Andy Mark and Cross the Road Electronics but they only supply CAD files for the current models.
Does anyone know of a comprehensive CAD collection for FRC parts?

Many Thanks!


It’s the most complete library that I know of, we are planning to do a big update this winter after the manufacturers do their product reveals in a month or so.

Blue PDB


Hi Allen -

Many thanks for the reply. I found a version of the power distribution board that I am looking for. It doesn’t appear to be an “official” model from the vendor, but it should work for my purposes.