FRC Card Deck

I’m considering creating a custom, FRC-themed deck of cards. Each card will feature on its face the robot of a 2012 World Champion, World Division Winner, World Chairman’s Award Winner, Michigan/MAR Champion, Michigan/MAR Chairman’s Award Winners, and various other selected robots, including some Regional Winners and Regional Chairman’s Award Winners.

The price should be about $4.75 per deck plus shipping (considerably less if more people order). I can only move ahead if at least 500 decks are ordered.

Who is interested?

Hmmm this sounds intersting

Sounds like a good kick-starter project.

I could go for that. Though, the problem arises in there being 4 sets of each card, but 3 robots per alliance…

But there could be the ever so helpful Dean Kamen Wild Card! :stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds interesting. I’d buy one.

I would be interested(I’m from Israel somight be annoying to ship, but I’m willing to pay extra for shipping)

I’m intereste, though shipping to Israel would probably be a bit of a headache.

If you’re selling them (especially in those quantities), you’ll probably want to either avoid using FIRST’s trademarks, or to run this by FIRST for permission. I think the conversation might go more smoothly if you explain whether this is for profit or not.

Also, this reminds me of another famous deck of cards.

Reminds me of these Team 45 playing cards from (way back) in 2004:

Don’t know if they were handing them out all year, but we got a few packs in Atlanta and decided to have some fun getting signatures.

Good luck with your project!

I would probably buy more then one pack as a way to remeber the senior year in a fun way. I would make each suit a divison.
King-Winning Captain
Queen- Winning First pick
Jack- Winning second pick
10- Finalist Captain
9- Finalist first pick
8- Finalist second pick
7- Higher seed semifinalist captain
6- Higher seed semifinalist first pick
5- Higher seed semifinalist second pick
4- Lower seed semifinalist captain
3- Lower seed semifinalist first pick
2- Lower seed semifinalist second pick
Ace- The scientist the division is named after (Newton/Curie…)

That’s where the Chairman’s Award teams come in. For example, I was going to make the Aces the three World Champions and the World Chairman’s Award Winner. The Kings, Queens, and Jacks would be the three Division Champions; the fourth card of each suit and three of the Tens cards would be the Michigan and MAR Champions, in no particular order.

That definitely seems like an important step. And yep, I was thinking the same thing.

Or the Dave Lavery joker:D . It isn’t too helpful since most card games exclude jokers, but when you do use it, the people around you will start thinking that the card must be a game hint and quit the game to try to figure out what it means.

I have one of those (and I do use them). Might not be the “real” ones though… they were bought in a clear plastic case at convenience store back in the day (I was a kid, it was a present for an A on a test).

edit- I think they are authentic…

I’d probably buy a deck…

Here is my suggestion for the face cards:

Aces are the last 4 chairmans winners, with spades being the most recent, 1114.

10’s could be the previous 4 after…


Spades: Winning division (K is captain, Q 1st pic, J 2nd pick)
Hearts: Finalist division
Clubs and diamonds: Other two divisions

The other cards could be interesting… maybe past WWFAs or WEIs could be snuck in somehow.

I personally wouldn’t include MSCs in there, as This isn’t a “FRC in michigan” deck.

Oh, and the jokers (assuming a 2 joker deck) would be Dean Kamen and Woodie Flowers :smiley:

And the box? Perhaps “Dozer” … :smiley:


Isn’t it ovious Aces High (176) has to be an Ace in the deck on principle.

51 Robots have won the championship…

8 Teams have 2 or more championships…

6 Winning robots each were sponsered by UTC & GM (UTC: 173, 176, 177x2, 296, 180 / GM: 65, 66, 67x3, 1114 / Beatty Machine Tool is next at 4…)

You’re pretty close right there to having a way to set up a deck by winners and major sponsers.

I was thinking 987 would be the Ace of Spades because of their 2012 robot.

Dave Lavery’s face needs to be on one of the jokers…

Pimp Joker


I’d buy one, maybe 5 depending on how I feel.

I’m interested

there is a Joker in the deck? :stuck_out_tongue: