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FIRST Community,

I am pleased to announce FRC Central for iOS. A few months ago, *( and was very encouraged by the support and feedback. The beta testers worked hard and the app is officially ready for release! Here is a link to the app on the app store:

Please feel free to respond to this post with feedback and/or email me (Derek) at [email protected].

#OMGRobots !


Best. FRC. App. EVER!

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Hallry, look out! :smiley:

Is there an Android version, or just iOS for now?

Just an iOS version for now.

How do you think I’ve been beating him? Beta testing has it’s advantages.

Either way, it has a few hour delay (usually) so it’s not the best hallry-beating bot.

It checks every 10 or 15 minutes. Hallry still has a strong shot!

And if it’s checking the blog homepage or RSS feed, those can take even longer to update.

It is checking the RSS feed.

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Any chance you want to release it for those of us still on iOS 8?

That would be challenging as I use several APIs that are iOS 9 and above. However, if there is enough demand, I would always consider it.

Are you on a device that can’t go beyond iOS 8?

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