FRC-Characterization not stopping

I’m trying to use frc-characterization and when I run a test my robot doesn’t stop. So I think it may be the encoder configuration. In the Units per Rotation at the FRC-Charactezation tools I added my wheel diameter * pi (4 inches > 0,1016m * pi = 0.3191m).

I’m using this encoder (TRD-S500VD | Incremental-Rotary-Encoder | JTEKT Electronics India). So, it’s 500 ppr. At the Edges per Revolution I added 500 * 4 = 2000…

Does any one have any idea what may be wrong?

The robot stops when you disable it. It tells you this in the first popup when you run a test.

I’m receiving this, it seems something is wrong

What about this seems wrong to you?

Do note that the tool always reports distance traveled after a run.

Well, if the robot travels 2 meters, the distance that’s returning is 7 meters

Is the correct gearing in the config file?

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I’m using the encoder in the back wheel shaft, we have a gearbox that’s connect to the middle wheel and the others wheels are connect with timing belts and pulleys. So I thought the gearing should be 1… is that wrong?

Your gearbox has a reduction or upduction (not sure this is the correct term) ratio. You need to find this.

I’m using a reduction of 1 gear 64T with 2 cims using a 11T gear in each. I guess the ratio is 11/64 since its a reduction, but I also tried to use 64/11 and none of this values helped me. It’s still saying that something is wrong and the robot is traveling way less than what the program says

I saw this in the code:

static private double ENCODER_EDGES_PER_REV = 2000 / 4.;

static private int ENCODER_EPR = 2000;

private double encoderConstant = (1 / GEARING) * (1 / ENCODER_EDGES_PER_REV);

the ENCODER_EPR it’s not being used. Shouldn’t this variable being use in the encoderConstant instead of the ENCODER_EDGES_PER_REV? When I tried to use the ENCODER_EPR the distance seems more accurate

This sure looks like a bug. We’ll fix it.

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