FRC Control System Training Extravaganza

WPI will be hosting a training event that will showcase the 2009 FRC Control System on Saturday, November 15 at 1:00 EST. What is particularly exciting about this event is that you’ll get to hear from the designers of all the code, utilities, and hardware that will be part of the new system. Presenting will be:

  • Chris Jennings from FIRST – FIRST Robotics Competition Engineering Projects Manager
  • Brad Miller – WPI - developer of C/C++ versions of the WPI Robotics Library
  • Thomas Dohse - National Instruments - developer working on the LabVIEW version of the WPI Robotics Library
  • Eric VanWyk - designer of the Hardware Breakout Boards and the new Power Distribution Module
  • Beth Finn – BAE Software Engineer - developer of the C/C++ Vision library

We will start at 1:00 PM EST on Saturday, November 15 at WPI in Worcester, MA.

The event will be webcast for all teams to view. Details will be available on as we get closer.

If you’d like to attend the live event, we have room for 200 attendees. Please send email to [email protected] with you’re team number and the number of team members you would like to bring. We’ll be in contact prior to the event to verify the number of people we can accommodate. We will contact you with directions and additional information after receiving your email.

Will it be recorded and released afterwards?

We will be doing a couple things to make sure all teams can have access to the information:

  1. We will be recording the presentations in our on-campus studio the day before for posting online. This will allow some higher quality video, greater organization, and the opportunity to easily show the computer screen (coding, etc) along with shots of presenters, robots, and other things. They will be split into specific topics for easier viewing/download. These will be available shortly following the event.

  2. The presentations on the 15th will be webcast live and will include the option for the live audience and those watching online to ask questions of the presenters. We will most likely handle the webcast Q&A via instant messenger. We are unsure at this time if we will post the entire video of the webcast following the event (since it will be replicated by the videos in #1) but we will do our best to document any valuable Q&A to supplement whatever videos are posted.


Sounds good. Just marked my calendar!!

I am extremely excited for this.

Bah, I am going to be at WPI on Tuesday, and in Boston all week, but I leave on Saturday.

Here’s a update for folks coming to the live presentation or watching the webcast.

  • All information can be found by going to and clicking on “Information and Webcast link” on the right-hand side under News. (The direct link is:

  • An introductory video by Dean Kamen has been added. It is currently available to watch streaming and should be available for download soon.

  • The length of training will depend on the number of questions from the audiences. We are expecting it to run 2-3 hours overall.

  • For those watching the webcast, you can ask questions by sending an IM to firstwebcast or an email to [email protected]. You need not send your questions to both. We will do our best to get to all questions. If you have a problem with the webcast, you can also let us know through those means.

  • The recorded videos will be posted early next week. They will be recorded using the Echo360 program we have on campus. This allows flexibility between camera and screen views, indexing to easily skip to certain parts of the video, and the opportunity to watching streaming or download a podcast.

We look forward to people joining us for the event. If you are interested in coming to the live show, there is still space available just email [email protected] with the number of folks you want to bring. Adults and students are welcome.

The training session happening this Saturday (Nov 15) starting at 1PM EST at WPI will cover the following topics:

  • Control system hardware
  • Writing programs with LabVIEW
  • Writing programs with C/C++
  • Question & Answer session from live audience and from online via the following:
  • AIM: firstwebcast
  • [email protected]

Presenters will include Thomas Dohse (NI), Brad Miller (WPI), Beth Finn, and Eric VanWyk.

To watch the webcast, visit

Room is still available to attend the session live (WPI Campus, Worcester, MA). Contact [email protected] for more information or to sign up.

I just wanted to send a reminder out to all of our adoring fans:

The webcast goes live in just over 3 hours. You can send questions in via AIM at “firstwebcast”. Be sure to either show up or tune in, it should be fun.

Great presentation by all today!

Looks like NI/WPI/FIRST really hit a home run with this one.

Can’t wait to get my hands on the hardware.

Was this presentation recorded and will it be available for those who couldn’t watch it live?

A previous post in this thread indicates videos will be posted next week. They also indicated via AIM during the webcast that the PowerPoint presentation would also be posted.

Does any one know when the rest of the videos from the 15th November training this are going to be uploaded?