FRC Countdown Alexa skill

Hey guys, I quickly made this Alexa skill when I got an echo dot for Christmas.

You can trigger it by saying “Alexa, ask FRC bot how long until kickoff” and it will respond with days, hours, and minutes until kickoff.

You can also ask it how many days until kickoff if you just want days.

Here is the video link:



That’s a really cool/fun Alexa skill! I just got an echo dot as well, and was wondering how I could install your skill on my device. Is this possible? Would you be able to post whatever I would need? Any help would be great!

Yeah I could setup a github repo with instructions on how to install.

I wanted to publish it to the skill store, but i ran into issues with using the FIRST logo and some other small things. I’m going to try and republic soon I just haven’t had the motivation. :stuck_out_tongue:

Give me a couple of hours and I could set up a github page with instructions.

EDIT: here is the github repo link with code and instructions to set it up!