FRC Cyberjagzz 6017 Open Alliance Build Thread 2023

Welcome all to the 2023 Cyberjagzz build progress blog. We here at Jemison wish everyone good luck for this year’s game Charged Up!

This blog is going to show our progress on:
•Show our progress in CAD
•Show our progress on Building the robot
•Show our progress on coding
•And show our progress on gamesense
We will post weekly updates on all of these things so be sure to stay tuned on those updates.

Here is an introduction for us here in the jungle for those who haven’t heard of us. Cyberjagzz are stationed at Mae Jemison High School off of Pulaski Pike in NW Huntsville. Our goal here is to introduce Young adults a basic introduction to programming and working as a team. This is our eighth year in FRC, and we have learned from our mistakes from last season.

Cyberjagzz Official Site

All of our socials and history can be accessed through this site!

We wish everyone good luck on this year’s game, Happy Building!


A little update about what we accomplished fall semester.

Back to school parade & festival

Recruiting activities

Designed Charging Station and began learning CAD, built charging station and began learning tools

Safety Lessons & Test

AUVSA Pathfinder Symposium at the Davidson Center at the Space & Rocket Center


Tool use, introduction to robot parts for all new students

Started designing new robot cart in CAD

Learning pneumatic systems


Homecoming Pep Rally

Designed stock metal storage frame in CAD, built stock metal storage frame

Magnet Fair

Alabama Science Festival (STEAMfest)

Global Ties Hidden No More


Started making buttons and bracelets

Started rewiring batteries

Started building new robot cart


Last season we had 7 team members, and averaged 3.5 students per meeting. We have grown this year and now have 14 registered team members, averaging a little over 8 students per meeting. That, and some new mentors to help with programming and CAD mean that we are having a better season so far than last year. Soon we will be posting our CAD images and code.


These last two weeks we have been working on our robot and game pieces nonstop. Sorry for such a late post, our usual manager of this page got Covid. But were back and have a lot of stuff to share.

(we’re actually a bit ahead of schedule :smile:)
So far we’ve finished:
Charge station
Electronics board
Cone Nodes
Cube nodes
Powder Coating on cart
We currently have in progress:
Robot CAD
Judges Awards
New Robot Card
Pneumatics mounting
Prototyping mechanisms
and more!
Here are some images of our students hard at work!

During Prototyping we tried to add Omni wheels to our bot but it didn’t work so well with our chassis. We settled with regular rubber wheels in the end. We managed finished our electronic boards prototype but we’ve moved passed that now and settled with a much neater design. We also have a claw prototype in progress.

(The first electronics board prototype)

Finally we have a CAD file of our robots Elevator, its not final but its a good example of what we’re going for.

This about wraps up our progress for the past 2 weeks. Hope you all are having a great and productive build season! (we’ll also try to update this more frequently :sweat_smile:)

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More COVID has hit the team. Better now, tho, than at events.

We have made progress with coding for pneumatics, but the people who are sick are our programmers, so no April Tags yet.

Our extension/grabber mechanism is almost done, and should be attached to the robot by Saturday. We apologize for the incomplete CAD, but are using it mainly to figure out how everything fits together. We should have a complete design in about 2 weeks.

We got a new flag made for the team. It’s huge. We’re very happy with it, and it cost only around $125 (at

We also got our second Makerbot Z-18 printer up and running. The two printers used to belong to the Project Lead the Way class, but the school system no longer offers it at high school. We, ahem, volunteered to get them out of the way in the now science classroom. They are running practically nonstop making items for the robot and team.

More students are learning CAD, making parts like IMU cases to use on the robot.

We also got a new soldering station and we are being taught the delicate art of soldering encoders.

And finally we are able to drive up onto the Charge Station and balance, although it’s kind of rough right now without much practice.

That’s it for now.

Our programmers have been working from home this week trying to finish our code. We’ve also made a lot of progress on our Robot. As part of Black History Month, Jemison has had a Black Entrepreneurs and Professionals week, with various people coming to talk to the different parts of the school, such as band, esthetics, etc. We were honored this morning by a visit to our robotics lab by the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE). They spent about two hours in the lab talking with the students. Each engineer told their story about how they got into their field, and the students in return told them what possible fields they were looking at in the future.

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Well, our robot is done… except we’re still fine-tuning the mechanisms.

We will be changing out the two pneumatic cylinders for our Spinny Grabbers for one Nitra pneumatic cylinder from Automation Direct tomorrow night (assuming weather doesn’t cancel us). We already bent the rod on one of the previous cylinders by dropping it onto a cone, so we tried to build a “cage” around it to protect it. That didn’t work. The new cylinder is in a protective casing and should work. But you know how that goes…

The new cylinder will eliminate the need for the spring boosters we had for the intake, also, and simplify the structure overall.

We haven’t really said much about our mechanisms. We started with the standard drop-wheel chassis and made it 23 inches wide to assist in fitting 3 robots on the charge station. It’s 32 inches long, which might make maneuvering it a bit dicey, but that’s why we did the drop-wheel chassis, to shorten the drive base.

We put a “Strongback” towards the back of the chassis. It’s made from the REV Max tube with the grid pattern. We connected all the pieces using gussets and corner brackets, which make it really stable, so no side-to-side movement. At the top of the strongback we have the Extendomatic arm. We took a REV elevator kit we bought but didn’t use a few years ago and made the extension from that. We tried hinges to attach it at first, but that didn’t work well, so we switched it for a 1/2" hex shaft.

The setup gives us more range of motion in the arm, allowing us to extend it high enough to place cones on the upper node.

The Extendomatic moves in and out using a Redline motor attached to a lead screw. We need to modify the mounting of the motor a bit, since the screw, which is 3 feet long, wants to run into the cylinders on the Spinny Grabber. But since we’re changing out those cylinders it shouldn’t be that much of a problem.

Our Extendomatic arm raises and lowers using a pair of HUGE cylinders attached to the Strongback and Extendomatic. We need different pressures for that and for the Spinny Grabber, so are using two pneumatic regulators, a primary and secondary.

We are using coding and buttons on our controller to be able to raise or lower the Extendomatic to different heights so we can put cones on any of the nodes. We can also put cubes anywhere.

We are also ready to switch out our masonite pegboard electronics board for one made out of lexan. It will not be as high on the robot as the masonite one. We also used a scrap of masonite for a belly pan/pneumatics board. It will be replaced with plywood to add some weight to the chassis to stabilize it. We may yet add more ballast.

The pneumatics on the belly pan will also be covered with a plywood box for protection. And that will also function as ballast.

We have a couple of designs for a pneumatic brake to keep us from rolling off the charge station. It will use the Rubber Bumpy Things (RBTs), also known as Bumpons. We hope to have that done (and find a place to mount it) by the end of next week.

Meanwhile our Pit Crew - has practiced setting up our pit. All but 2 of our team members are new to FRC and have never seen a pit, let alone set one up.

Well, that’s all for this week. Three weeks from today we get on the bus to go to our first event in Tallahassee. We are nervous but excited, and are sure we will have everything done before then!

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Oh, we forgot to mention that one of our Co-Captains gifted one of the mentors with a CyberJagzz apron. He likes to cook and we hear tales of his making pasta from scratch and other meals.

We’ve made some last minute changes to the robots intake and height to better fit the parameter. The Intake can now flip upwards in the robots starting position and we chopped off some of the robots back height. (we literally had to hold it up manually to the chop saw :sweat_smile:)

We also have a box around our pneumatics cylinders and some cable protectors around the pneumatic tubing to protect them from damage.

Our Bumpers are almost complete as well, they’ve been sewn and now were attaching them to their base. They are even flipable to blue or red so we can change them for each alliance were on :smiley:

With that our robot is nearing completion! We hope to see you all at competition, good luck to everyone.

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We’ve suffered the fate of the rev extrusion splitting :smiling_face_with_tear:

We are ready to go to our first event, the Tallahassee Regional this weekend! Some last minute scrambling was done, and tonight’s meeting will be dedicated to driving practice.

We added ballast, improved the brakes to keep from sliding off the Charge Station, filed some sharp corners, tidied some wires, and did some last minute adjustments to the Extendomatic. With luck we’ll pass inspection quickly and can spend the first day on the practice field.

(Please excuse the raggedy bumpers. Our Bumper Expert has been sick, but we’ll get the velcro properly attached before inspection, we promise!)

Well we are almost recovered from the Tallahassee Regional. We had planned on driving home after the event ended (on the bus), but load-out took way longer than we expected (about an hour and a half) and we ended up walking all our stuff across the parking lot to load it because the truck/trailer combo we had couldn’t make the tight turns into the loading area. And then there was a level 4 risk of severe weather around Montgomery and we didn’t want to take the bus through it, so we stayed a 4th night in a hotel in Dothan, meaning we didn’t get back to school until around 2 PM on Monday.

But we came back fired up to make some improvements on our robot. So we started sketching out ideas for a “Poofer” mechanism to collect cubes from the Substation and “poof” them out into the Hybrid Nodes at the Grid. We can also put cubes into the mid and high nodes. We decided to focus on cubes instead of cones since we are faster at collecting cubes.

Today we started manufacturing the Poofer.

We checked for fit and started installing it between tests of our new code.

We had several autonomous programs, depending on where the robot started. But we had trouble getting the code to actually work during the competition. So we have rewritten it and now it’s pretty much working.

Other students have been preparing scouting databases and just in general getting ready for next week’s Rocket City Regional.

So look for us there! We will be in our little rainforest pit with our robot Perry. Come say hi!