FRC DASH - By Team 94, The TechnoJays


Hello everyone, one of the programmers over at F.I.R.S.T. Team 94 here to share with everyone one of our projects being developed alongside programming the robot and team website.

What started out as code collecting information on FRC events and match data has begun to evolve into a FRC central hub, offering beneficial data for participants in the FIRST robotics competition’s. DASH displays all FRC events, teams, statistics and calculates match predictions based on the data collected.We first displayed this project in our pit last season and due to a complete redesign things are still in their early stages. With build season ending and competition’s beginning, use and spread the word about FRC DASH! The TechnoJays are quite confident in this project being useful to all FRC Teams.

For more information on this project visit our website here and you can begin using dash by clicking here!


Just so you know, on the team information page, you have the team number heading twice - the second one should be team nickname. Otherwise, very nice so far!


Wow! Thanks for mentioning that and checking dash out, its always the little things that slip past you.


Just a heads up, you typically aren’t supposed to put the periods between each letter of FIRST, despite it being an acronym. That’s just how their branding goes.

Dash looks pretty sweet so far, will keep an eye on it in the future!