FRC Dashboard Camera, FPS and Resolution

Hey, there!

We have setup our camera the (MICROSOFT LIFECAM HD3000 CAMERA (FC18-084)(

It runs and works, but to make the FPS 30 the max for the camera we have to put the resolution too about 160x120 (I forget the actual number) but that is horrible, if I put resolution too around 640x500 or something the fps then drops to about 7 which is extremely horrible.

Is there a way to make the resolution higher around the HD 720 it’s supposed to do without the Fps dropping to like 5 or is that impossible?

Thanks, sorry if I did things wrong first time posting.

Something to remember, you only have about 7mb of bandwidth to work with including driving the bot and talking to the FMS. Before you try to run at 1080p60 or another high bandwidth rate you should see how much bandwidth is being taken up with your camera in various aspects (which might be part of your issue currently also, im not too familiar with the camera.)

You want to avoid running at the max 7mb/s, target half that at most.

If you’re always at the max, then you’ll still be dropping frames as the image increases in complexity and tries to peak higher.
Also, be able to quickly turn it down at the Alliance station as some venues can have lot of contention for bandwidth from nearby sources, e.g., hospitals next door.

At home, you can run higher resolutions if you remove the robot radio bandwidth limit set by the Radio Configuration Tool (a checkbox option that defaults to being limited).

Other ways to improve throughput are to used a fixed exposure and hardware compression (rather than software).

A fairly common configuration to get enough detail for both targeting and driving is as follows:
320X240, 20fps, quality/compression around 50.

When streamed to the DS, you should be near 2Mbs.

Thanks everyone!