FRC Dashboard data logging

We want to have the FRC Dashboard log to a file on the DS disk the inbound and outbound telemetry data sent to/from the DS/Robot.

For each telemetry frame, we push a full record of data to disk.

Before we go off doing this we thought it would be good to see if anyone else has done this ?

Anyone ?

We were considering doing this last year (except robot-side instead of on the DS), although I don’t think we actually implemented it (I’ll ask a mentor tomorrow to make sure). A programmer who graduated last year implemented an odometer that wrote to a text file on the robot simply out of curiosity, but I think that’s the extent it was used, although I could be wrong.

We’ve done that for a few years, but in practice rarely used it. I think part of the problem was that starting recording was a manual process, so it rarely got done until too late. This year I’m considering making it always log when the robot is enabled, however I’m also concerned about overloading the classmate, especially with all the data logging that the DS software is doing this year.

It plays back the data through the same dashboard interface. I think it might be more useful to create a separate interface that reads the data and plots graphs over time instead.

We will make it auto log based on the state of the flags coming down from FMS.

The data will be appended to a logfile for later retrieval and playback.

Sort of like a flight data recorder on an airliner.